Character Extras

Follow the names below for bios, deleted scenes, sneak peeks, thoughts, notes & more.

Adrian + a sneak peek
Marc & Angie + a preview
John and Anne + Deleted Scene
Sam, Jeremy, & Neil
The Twins
Luke and Kendle

Character Interviews

*These interviews were done quietly throughout the series by Cynthia Quest.

Adrian - A fine Line between Leader and Killer

Brady -Wolfman and Contender for XO

Samant The Luckiest Woman in Safe Haven

Kyle - Former Mobster and highest Eagle

Seth - An Injured Former Eagle

Dog - A Wild Animal with Special Abilities



Anonymous said...

i know you are off for the summer, but i would love a bio on seth some day!

Angela White said...

I was just checking in and found this - Me too! He'll be the first one I do when I come back. How's that?

Thanks for stopping by!

Tall one dave said...

Ok...all caught up....please do not split Marc and Angie ....was rooting soo hard for Marc and Angie that I actually felt soo bad for Marc . My wife thought I was crazy and guess what....she's hooked too. They both have what they want now please let them be....I would bet on Angie and Marc taking over safe haven with kenn as second in command. Just my guess. At least I have my life back until book five is done!!

Anonymous said...

Is there or are there any plans to publish an artist rendering of any of the characters?

Anonymous said...

Never mind...they weren't loading fast enough...any thoughts on actors to match characters (in theory of course)

Momdill said...

I came to this site to try to refresh my memory on all the characters as I begin Book 7. I was looking not just for bios but relationship histories and each characters place and rank in the camp. Everyone's level by level throughout the series. Does anyone know if someone has done anything like this on another blog or website?

Jayne Cambra said...

It's been too long since I read 'Where We Stand' back in October 2013. Is anything else going to happen? I think I'm going to have t re-read all the books again to catch up on every character. I like the idea of Angie and Marc staying together.

Wes said...

Great job on the story,I love the surprise's that keep popping up! Keep em coming!

Unknown said...

Any chance of an eagles / rookie rules or possibly a kit list?

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