Wednesday, October 24, 2012

LAW Day #18 - An Interview with Seth – An Injured Former Eagle

Cynthia Quest reporting
May 2nd, 2013

This is one of the first few interviews I’ve done here, legally anyway, and I still feel like I’ve forgotten how to do it. I hope that as we go on, I’ll begin to draw things from these men – things they don’t want anyone to know. With some of them, I’ll need a second interview, I’m sure. Like the one now sitting down in my hot seat. Still surprised to be allowed to talk to these men, but I am determined not to let anything sway me. We will have the truth at some point, I just can’t promise when.

Ready to get started? Me too, I think.


“Sometimes moody, sometimes the life of the party, let’s chat with Seth Daniels, injured man and former Eagle.”

Seth smiled a bit too casually, muscle twitching in his jaw. “I’m always an Eagle, just off duty right now.”

Knowing her title said it all, Cynthia didn’t push the point. “What was it like to be stabbed with a pick-axe?”

The undercover cop frowned. “It hurt.”

Cynthia flushed at the tone that said she was an idiot who asked stupid questions. “Do you remember the gunfight? The murders?”

Seth leaned back to cover his anger. “There were no murders. We were attacked, and yes, I remember all of it.”

Cynthia caught his hesitation. “Did someone screw up? Is that how you got hurt?”

Understanding this was an ambush, Seth forced his face into that expressionless stare he was known for. “They were sheltering in the train station. Neither group knew the other was there. No way to avoid it.”

Sensing she’d get no more from that line, Cynthia switched paths. “When will you return to duty? Who has your posts while you’re injured?”

“Another week or so. Angela and Lee have really stepped up to fill those empty slots.”

Cynthia’s eyes glittered dangerously. “Does it bother you to take orders from a woman on missions?”

“Does it bother you to take orders from a man during moves?” Seth shot back. “Of course not. She’s an Eagle first. That’s all I see, because that’s all Adrian sees.

The redhead was one of those people you couldn’t shake without prying hard, and Cynthia was suddenly sure this had been a waste of her pen.

“Is there a woman in your life? One the camp doesn’t know about?”

Seth looked away. “No.”

“Why don’t you date? Are none of the camp’s women good enough for the Eagles?”

His head snapped back to her. “The camp’s women are great. We’re just busy trying to make sure everyone survives right now. They’ll be time for romance later.”

“How do you feel about Kenn being allowed to stay even though we all know he beats on women?”

Seth’s voice was hard. “I think he’ll screw up again and get himself banished this time.” His eyes darkened. “Or worse.”

“Who are you searching the new arrivals for?”

Seth slowly took a photo from his wallet and held it out. “My daughter.” His voice caught. “She was only 4 when the War came.”

Cynthia tried not to feel anything for the toothy girl in the picture, and couldn’t quite succeed. She didn’t even like kids. What the hell was this place doing to her?

“Do you think she’s still alive?”

Seth shook his head, standing up. “No, not really. It’s been too long, but in my heart…”

He glanced back with damn green eyes. “In there, I’ll always hope.”

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