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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

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Friday, January 29, 2016

The shot has been fired

*No, this is not a new book. This actually happened. I'm not surprised that you didn't know. The media hasn't reported much of what's going on.

A cold chill went through me as I watched the video of what I will now call a murder. Ambushed, surrounded by firing guns, the man still had his hands up as he collapsed to the snow in shock at what was happening. Shots continued to plunge into his bleeding, unarmed body, as well as the vehicle where more unarmed men and women were trapped. A cowardly barrage of gunfire from authorities ended the life of a leader, a foster-father, and a constitution-following American.

We were told he rushed at police. It clearly didn’t happen. We were told only a few shots were fired. That’s a blatant lie. You can still shots pinging off the truck minutes after he was down. We were told they found a 9mm on him when the man carried a Colt. Except at the town meetings, where he’d been going, UNARMED, for weeks. That’s where they were headed, btw-to a peaceful meeting with the sheriff and locals. The FBI had already refused to let media tape the negotiations and sent them away a few hours before it all happened. If  LaVoy desired a shootout, why didn’t he have the gun in his hand when he jumped from the truck? Don’t both sides have to fire to even call it a shootout? Why didn’t the officers immediately go to his body to disarm him or give medical help?  You can see his arm moving after he’s down. They let him bleed out right there in the snow. Why was he shot in the back while his hands were up? Why was he shot again while on the ground? What did the unarmed passengers do to deserve that final hail of bullets? They’re clearly trapped in the car by the snowbank and the only people firing are the authorities. Not to mention, the video is from a drone that just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and you can easily tell that it HAS been edited. Why isn’t there audio? Why didn’t it show what happened to make LaVoy hit the gas? If they were being arrested, why didn’t the cops take them out of the vehicle when they put their hands out the windows? Why wait? Hoping one of them would make a movement that could be considered hostile, like reaching for a phone to call a lawyer? I can’t wait for LaVoy’s phone records to come out, showing he was calling for help when someone fired from that first stop and sent him fleeing for his life.
Why did an officer jump in front of the truck at the roadblock and open fire through the windshield? That isn’t proper procedure in any type of encounter. Even the charges are bullshit. He hadn’t committed a single crime, so they invented one to have a reason to pull that truck over. This wasn’t a felony stop. It also wasn’t like any normal stop of known unarmed people that I’ve ever seen. Besides all that, conspiracy to impede officers of the United States from discharging their official duties shouldn’t be a death sentence even if the man was guilty of it! If this had happened in any of the places where we’ve witnessed riots over unarmed people being shot, the town would already be in flames and mobs would be in the streets threatening reactionary violence. But this wasn’t a black kid or a criminal, just a patriot who knew the constitution and had a chance of actually making a difference in our corrupt government by exposing their horrific deeds.

Many folks watching this ‘standoff’ believe that LaVoy was murdered to provoke patriots into reacting so that either huge gun bans can be pushed or worse, so another civil war will start and Martial Law can be declared to keep Obama in office to finish destroying our country.  If that was indeed the plan, it may have succeeded. This might be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back. The ripples have begun to spread. People are packing up to head to Oregon and other sites. They’re bunkering in with their groups, calling meetings, and safe houses are being arranged. Plans are forming to protest and do sit-ins in government offices and on public lands like those that LaVoy chose for his last stand, and the Oregon authorities are being hit with emails and calls from outraged Americans across the country. The official word from groups such as the Oath Keepers had been to stand by until the video came out, but now we have the evidence. Even without audio, it’s clear they ambushed him with no intentions of doing anything but getting rid of him while he was on his way, UNARMED, to a town meeting. The government openly cut the head off what they consider a snake that could have dislodged the hold they have over everyone.

There are people who will say he got what he deserved for fleeing, or that they all deserved to be shot down dead like dogs. To those people, I have two responses: First, you obviously don’t care about the real story and don’t understand the constitution. Thanks to the gun laws in Oregon, these people did nothing more than any homeless camp in the middle of a city has done for years-refuse to leave-and we don’t see police murdering those people. There are mines and deposits on that land filled with valuable resources. Hillary has already sold the rights to the uranium, to the Russians. That scandal broke recently. What do you mean you didn’t know that?! You think these patriots should die, but you don’t what they’re dying for?!

And that’s my second response. If you don’t know what’s going on and can’t be bothered to read the stories of the hundreds of ranchers in Nevada, Idaho, Oregon (and others) who’ve had their land vandalized and illegally fenced, had their paid-for grazing rights revoked without cause, watched their animals burned alive, had their employees terrorized and their family homes stolen, why are you about to comment? Do you know that the BLM forced these ranchers to give them first rights to their land if they ever decided to sell? What do you mean how is that connected to the ‘standoff’?! Did you read a couple of biased media articles and spew your ignorance all over the internet for everyone to see or did you even once google any of it for yourself? There were live video feeds into the refuge. Did you watch any of these so-called terrorists while they ate, prayed, and discussed the constitution? They gave live interviews. Did you watch them? Perhaps if they had looted something, you might have paid more attention…

Here’s another question for those who wanted the ‘occupiers’ removed by an means necessary: Did you know the government can’t legally own land unless it’s for bases, barracks, or munitions buildings, yet they currently own 90% of the west by designating it as tribal lands (never been a tribe on the refuge in question here-look it up.) or preserves, or other government controlled areas like a refuge? They then quietly clear the resources while we play on Facebook, shipping them off to whomever made the best offer. In this situation, it was the Russians. Did you know that Russia now controls 51% of the world’s uranium supply? Thank Hilary and our current administration for that, but it’s just one of the countless ways that both sides of that power-hungry authority has sold us out over the last 30-40 years. The truth is there for those brave enough to seek it. Do the research, act like an American, and then come back outraged that your government has once again betrayed you and everyone else. Or just keep on supporting the enemy. Eventually, they'll betray you openly as well and then your tune will change, but we won't listen then. Unfortunetly, its time to pick a side.
Do you suddenly have the feeling you shouldn’t be on my wall/blog/sites anymore? If so, that comes from a couple of issues and they’re yours, not mine.  I run on facts. You believe the lies. I’m capable of waiting for the proof and then believing what I see even when it’s awful. You made a conclusion and you’re sticking to it even when the evidence is here. I could go on, but why bother? If you can’t tell the difference between right and wrong, I don’t care what your views are, how many of my books you’ve bought, or how much we have in common. This was a setup, an ambush out where there was no chance for help from anyone. This was murder. If you can’t understand that, you really shouldn’t be here anyway. My stories, which are full of people fighting this type of behavior and control, are only going to give you grief. You may think I’ve flipped, or can’t separate reality from fiction. That’s your right, but please keep in mind that you didn’t even know how Oregon, Idaho, and Nevada were connected, let alone that the mineral rights are being sold off by the very woman who wants to be elected ruler of the free world. Maybe you’re the one who flipped and can’t see the trees through the forest…

All right, Eagles, Patriots, and Pissed-off Persons of Interest. What can we legally do about it? Here’s a list:

*Sign this petition demanding that the DOJ investigate.

*Bombard officials and the Attorney General with letters, calls, and emails. Here are those numbers and addresses. Click their names for their official government website contact pages.

The sheriff is Dave Ward. Supposedly, it was his men doing all the shooting in the video.

The Governor is Kate Brown.

Here are the Oregon Senators and Representatives.

This is the US Dept of Justice, who need to investigate this from top to bottom.

*Join your local militia. They, WE, need you. This site has a great list by state, but you can just as easily type in “local militia for” and then add your state.

*Prep harder and faster so that you can last if things do go crazy.

*Spread the video showing that an unarmed patriot was killed in cold blood, with his hands up. Share the video and point out the errors:

1-Reaching to the opposite side for a gun he wasn’t carrying? He was shot and reaching for the wound.

2-Was known to carry a Colt .45 on his right hip, but according to the FBI ... is said to have reached toward his left pocket with his right hand, for a 9mm. Have you ever tried to take your keys from your left pocket, with your right hand, while bundled up for the snow? Hard, huh? Now imagine trying that with a gun during a shootout when you have to get the holster unsnapped first, as you stagger through a deep snow drift.

2-Already shot at before he even got out of the vehicle, which made him flee the road block. Any of us would have done the same at that life or death moment.

2-Tell people he was unarmed. The few people still at the refuge have all the weapons of the people in the truck. They were going to a peaceful meeting, not a shootout, and they were ALL unarmed.

3-Ask the why the cops/agents continued to fire after he fell, with his hands still up and no weapon in sight?

4-Why was the truck hit with a barrage of gunfire when there were unarmed men and women inside who couldn’t get out due to the snowbank they were stuck in?

5-Point out the drone taking the footage, and the sniper in the trees.

6-Ask them why the supposed weapon wasn’t immediately removed from the body or why they didn’t try to get him any medical care.

7-Demand to know why he was shot in the back.

8-Ask why unarmed passengers sustained gunshot injuries in a shootout where the cops had the only guns.

9-Why isn’t there audio?

10-Why didn’t it show what happened to make LaVoy hit the gas? Was it perhaps because his lawyer told him to get out of there or did someone open fire without cause from behind him?

11-If they were being arrested, why didn’t the cops take them out of the vehicle when they put their hands out the windows? Why wait? Hoping one of them would make a movement that could be considered hostile, like reaching for a phone?

12-Why did an officer jump in front of the truck and open fire through the windshield? That isn’t proper procedure in any type of police encounter.

13-They had no cause to make the stop. He hadn’t committed a single crime, so they invented one to have a reason to even pull that truck over. This wasn’t a felony stop. It also wasn’t like any normal stop of known unarmed people that I’ve ever seen.

14-Besides all that, conspiracy to impede officers of the United States from discharging their official duties shouldn’t be a death sentence even if the man was guilty of it!
Shove the truth down their throats. This is what a murder looks like.

I’ve said my piece, loudly and offensively, as is my right as an American citizen. Please feel free to share, copy/paste, or trash it as you deem fit. The facts, the truth, and the law must come together. The leaders have to emerge from hiding and take their rightful places. The people have to shout support until their voices are gone. Why? Because if we do nothing, this won’t be the last murder. When they see we won’t do anything, they’ll go after our members until we don’t have the strength to keep fighting and by strength, I mean those who would lead us. The longer we wait, the more good people we lose.

Over the next weeks, we need protests and media coverage in every state. And since they can edit voice clips, use words. Paint signs, print shirts, use iron-on designs for coats and scarves to ask the 14 questions above. If it’s in every clip, every shot, every view of the cars going by, we will succeed in getting the word out. If you can afford it, rent space in the papers that are denying the truth. If they refuse to print your peacefully written ad, you can sue them. You can even rent a billboard in a major city for only $150.00 a month through Lamar. Do these things offline and online. People without internet access only have the media and ALL the channels are controlled or owned by people like the Saudis. Didn’t know that, right? Please, please go look these things up! That’s how the government has managed to get away with so many atrocities against innocent people.

I’m finished for the moment. I’m going to start on my own list and let my voice be heard in as many ways as I can afford to and then beyond. Some things are worth fighting for.

RIP, LaVoy Finicum.
I much enjoyed your knowledgeable personality and was delighted by how you used the constitution at every turn to deny their outright lies during the interviews that the media cut off to keep the sheep from knowing how smart you really were. The shot that killed you is ringing, calling, and I have faith that we, the people, will answer it with honor.

God bless the United States of America





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