Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Character Profile: Todd O'Neil (DF Tuesday)

Todd O'Neil

Age: 28

Height: 6'

Eyes: Green

Weight: 175 lb.

Birthday: 12/15/84 

Hair: Dark Brown Curls

Race: Cherokee/ Caucasian

Career Before the War: State Trooper.

After the War: Level 4 Eagle in Adrian's Army.

Quote: "I'm more Adrian's than I ever was my mother's."

- Unshakably stubborn about what he believes in.
- Very loyal to his fellow men.
- Always needs to make sure his ass is covered before going out on a limb.
- Is very suspicious of people and of himself.

FBI Notes:
Todd O'Neil applied to be an FBI agent in 1978 but was denied for failing the mental test.
Has no capacity to give his life in service despite being a public servant.

Unlike most of the others at Safe Haven, Todd had a decent childhood. His mom was a hooker who died in the jailhouse during the birth, and his father, a sheriff, did a good job of raising his unwanted and very unexpected offspring.

Todd followed in his father's footsteps becoming a cop and then a Arizona state trooper but he has always worried how much like his mother he really is. It makes him very straight-laced.

When the war came, he and his dad tried to defend the jail. Todd was the only one to survive. He found Kyle a week latter, rescuing the mobster from a car accident and the unlikely pair became fast friends.

Neil has never let his hair down and refuses to go anywhere without his state trooper hat. Everyone assumes to be his. It really belonged to his father, and he wears it to honor a hero who fell in the line of duty.

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