Life After War: Book Nine

Shattered Dreams

Life After War: Book Nine

A home. Walls and floors. No more traveling or trying to outrun nature. A life that resembled what we lost. Peace and the pursuit of happiness. Dreams that held us through the nightmares… Shattered against the stone.

“The refugees swept across the country, fleeing from decay and Yellowstone’s relentless wrath. Innocent and corrupt alike, they arrived at our gates with illnesses we couldn’t treat, with crimes on their hands that we wouldn’t condone. They surrounded us with their misery, ramming our security with trucks and waves of gunfire. Even the innocent ones took all we had to give, begging until we had nothing left for ourselves, but still we tried to help them. We brought vast numbers inside, only to be betrayed. Our customs were shunned, our kindness was mocked and our fragile settlement began to crumble. That’s when then things got ugly.” –Samantha Moore, SH Council
Surrounded by desperate dangers, Safe Haven must now make the hardest choice in any apocalypse: Do they stay and fight for their mountain shelter or do they run and try to be grateful that they have their lives?

Shattered Dreams
Book 9 of the LAW series by Angela White

Release date: 5/2017
Pages: 800+
Preorder price: $4.99
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Release price: $5.99
Formats: PDF and EPUB

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Unknown said...

Whaaaaat?! The next installment comes out in September?! I am so, so so happy...I thought it would be a year or MORE before the next one!

JohnMc said...

16 days to go, counting down to another pleasure ride.

Johnny Hall said...

Any other way to get the pre-order without using Paypal?

Jane Perala said...

Just purchased mine, looking forward to it!

Roxanna Lloyd said...

Wonderful! I just finished 7, so I am stoked! Thanx, you manage to deal with all the bushwah, yet crank out the books, is beyond me! Fantastic! Thanx and God bless you!

Ariel Rohrbaugh said...

Love love loved it! Wish they could go one forever! :) can't wait for 9!

Ariel Rohrbaugh said...

I just finished #8 carved in stone about 4 days ago and I am SERIOUSLY IN L.A.W. WITHDRAWALS!! Ive tried a few other books but nothing compares. I don't normally leave comments or reviews other than the amazon "☆" review, but I love this series more than anything else I've read and want others to enjoy. Thanks Angela :)

Melia C said...

Thank you Angela ! I just finished the entire series , so far , and wishing 9 and 10 and 11? , were also ready . I can't wait to see what happens when they get to the island ! So many questions . Biggest one , does Angie get a happily ever after ?You have an amazing imagination !! Thank again

James Stoffel said...

Angela, a very good series - thank you.

And appreciate that despite the length of the series, you do not go to great lengths to "repeat" unnecessary things like what is an Eagle, etc. It makes the story flow much easier.

Looking forward to book 9...which am wondering the release date?

Unknown said...

I'm new to Angela White and LAW, and I absolutely love this series. I just spent the past few weeks reading all 8 books, if that gives you any idea of how much I fell in love with this serious. I am a avid reader and its not often that a author has come along and grabbed my attention like this. Waiting impatiently for Book 9.

Corrie Mare said...

Corrie Mare South Africa
Angela I am really addicted to this series and have read all of the eight books so far I loved the twists and turns in the story I do not know how you can end this story There stll so much to tell Even my husband ( not a bookworm like me ) had finished the whole series and is know harrasing me about book 9. Thanks for an extremely entertaining journey with Angela, Marc and all the others

Judy Crawford said...

Just left a comment and 5 star rating on Amazon. This series is so addictive. Amazing concept. Thanks for writing this story. Can hardly wait for the next book.

James Mastin said...

best book series I have every read can not wait till book 9 I already got Marc and Dog and the back story please keep up this GREAT writing

Wanda Miracle said...

I absolutely am n love with this series. Have read up to #8. Can't wait for #9. Thank you Angela for your LAW series. Have also read ur other books.

janieben said...

Angela White, you are such a gifted and creative writer! LAW is indeed an addictive series. However do you keep track of all of the characters and relationships??? I have read all eight books and am anxiously anticipating Book 9 in February. Thank you for your wonderful mind and willingness to share your creations with us.

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