Wednesday, October 17, 2012

LAW Day #17 - Profile - Doug - Unofficial 5th in Command (Until Brady arrived))

This image of Doug is from just after the Gulf War, and before his obsession with dreads
250 lb
Green eyes
Long Red hair

Slight limp
Born in Idaho
Irish American w/no accent
Red vest and green army jacket
Retired Army Sergeant
Was trapped under a bridge in Nevada after the War
Hand shakes – a sign of something he refuses to face yet


Doug resented people all of his childhood, but most especially, his parent’s, for their unwillingness to change or adapt. Tormented by the other kids, and even by the more uncaring adults, for his poverty, and then his size and vivid coloring, Doug escaped in the only way he thought available. He joined the Army. Once there, he found a way of life that he could believe in, and an ability to provide for himself that didn’t include farming. Planning to spend his life in service, Doug never returned home.

After being injured during an attack on the area he was guarding, Doug retired and quickly began to sink down into depression. He needs a goal, a reason, as much as the rest of Adrian’s refugees, and the thought of finding a woman, even after the apocalypse, is one he avoids. Doug doesn’t realize it, but he’s lonely and sure no one will ever want him because of his size.

Doug also has a dangerous secret, one that may cost him his place among Adrian’s Army. It’s a weight he carries silently, not willing to give up even a single day of being in their leader’s light. Eventually, though, the truth will come out. He knows this, but has little idea what he’ll do then, except grow old and die.


Author Notes

Doug has mostly been a side character so far, but that will change as we go on. He still has a lot to give, and Adrian knows it.

Oh, and his fears of dying alone are groundless. Doug’s place in the chain of command would earn him a mate anyway, but more than one Safe Haven female already has their eye on Doug. Because he’s so quiet, so seriously determined to help Adrian, these older, more responsible females understand that it’s all in their timing.

With that clue, I’ll bet you can think of a couple names, huh? Grin.

"This is Safe Haven Refugee Camp. Can anyone hear me?
Hello? Is anyone out there?"

The Survivors
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Donna Shields said...

He definitely does not look how I pictured him in my mind!

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