Friday, November 2, 2012

Book Five - From The Ashes

It’s been 6 months since the end of the world, and Adrian must now discover if the choices he’s made have cost him a son. Even Angie can’t be sure. On the way to Arkansas, the battered refugees face a danger that threatens to destroy all they’ve built.

Furious at the latest bloodshed, Nature has declared her own War on the survivors, and she repeatedly unleashes her fury against Safe Haven and its army of violent defenders. The apocalypse has never been more deadly, as the aftermath takes its toll on what remains of the great American herd…. And even Pitcairn Island isn’t safe from her wrath.


Release Date: 2/1/2013

Length (estimate) – 800 pages

Preorder – now - $4.99



Nan Nations said...

wooHoo so ready for this book I will be pre ordering this book as soon as a release date is given.

Angela White said...

Just edited it. Was supposed to include that. Sorry!

Brian Davis said...

Anyone have any idea about this release date? Marine chompin at the bit here... : )

Alissa Hamilton said...

Really, when is it coming out? I'd be a bit ticked off if I'd have preordered this back in november.... it was supposed to be released 2 months ago?

Alissa Hamilton said...

Its still not available for the nook or kindle but good reads says its published?

Ruth said...

Is it available yet? Been waiting forever for it on kindle :(

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