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Book 9 is Here! Instant Downloads

 Shattered Dreams
Life After War Book 9

Book 9 is Live! The links are at the bottom of this post.

Dear Beta Readers and ARC Readers,
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Shattered Dreams
Book 9 of the Life After War series

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Book 9 Release Date and Other Big News

Dear Readers,
A lot has happened since I last contacted you. This email has several notices and updates. Please take the time to read them all so you’ll know what’s going on.
Book 9 Release Date and sample
First, the promised release date for book 9 is March 29th. I tried hard to get it to you sooner, but this was the best I could do. The link below goes to my website page, where you can find the links for your preferred store.

Also, I posted the first 100 pages of book 9 a couple weeks ago on my blog. You can find the post here:

A Reminder
Second, is a reminder that my autographed paperbacks have been on sale for the last year ($10 less than usual) and that is expiring this month as well. To get the old deal before it’s gone, order from this page on my blog. This is the only remaining link for them.

Kindle Unlimited
Next is something that you may not want to hear. Let me start with saying I’m sorry. I can’t explain how hard this choice was. I’m joining the Amazon Select program.

What does that mean?
It means that all Angela White books will now only be offered through Amazon. You won’t be able to get them through Kobo, Nook, iTunes, or any other store except Amazon. No, not even on my blog or websites.

How will it affect readers?
If you already get my work through Amazon, nothing will change. If you get my books through any other source, you will no longer be able to use them.

When does this start?
It already has. The final links will all be gone by the end of the week.

What if I want to get caught up before you remove your books from my preferred retailer?
I’ve made a page on my website that has all of the remaining links on other stores. It will be pulled as soon as the remaining links are gone-roughly by the end of the week. All my titles have been discounted to $3.09 or less to help ease your pain during this transition period. Here is the link to the page:
I’m not buying a Kindle! What should I do to keep following the series?
Amazon has an app that you can download onto your device (nook, iphone, tablet, etc.) so that you can access their entire bookstore. I have placed that link on all my book pages, along with a link for joining the Kindle Unlimited program. It gives you unlimited reading of their inventory (more than 2 million titles and counting) for $10 a month. The Harry Potter series and the Hunger Games are just two of the bigwigs you’ll find.
I need to tell you here that I’ve just become an affiliate of Amazon, so any links you click on my website (never emails. That is against their terms of service) may generate a small commission for me. If you refuse to do that, no hard feelings. I certainly understand and I still adore you. If you chose to use those links, thank you for your support!

What about books that I have preordered?
All preorders will still be sent like promised, as soon as they are ready. For example, those who have preordered book 9 directly from me can most likely expect to receive it in their email a week before it goes live on the stores.

What about future releases?
All future releases will be put on all stores for the first month, to allow current readers to stay caught up. After a month, they will be moved to the Select program as well. *This does not include Smashwords or GooglePlay. My work will not be on those sites.

Why are you doing this? Don’t you know you’re going to lose readers over it?
I do know that. I’ve gone to great trouble to find ways for readers to still have access, but I understand that many of you will be angered over this and probably put me on your never read again list. You may place bad reviews, pull public support, and bash me in blogs and articles. I feel your pain. I feel your loss. I will miss each and every one of you.
So, why?
Imagine having to pick between paying your bills and be loyal to your customers. In the end, you have to be able to pay those bills. Ebook sales have dropped drastically. Why? Hard to say. Lot of reasons would be my theory, but at the top of those are programs like KU. Giving readers tons of books for one small monthly fee is the wave of the future. Readers can get access to so much material on Amazon that they’ll be on overload.
And that means they aren’t buying anymore. They’re still reading, just through plans that save them money and give them more books. It’s a win-win for Amazon and their readers, imao, but it hurts the authors who were trying to spread their work out to all sites and stores. It squeezed us. So hard that huge book sites went belly-up and big authors caved to the pressure of becoming part of the subscription plans. In short, authors no longer have a choice. If we depend on the income, we have to stay with the times. Most people want these subscriptions. I’ve held out for almost 2 years, but I must now cave to the pressure and give the majority what they want. I won’t ever forget that readers from every site came together to support me. I just can’t feed my family on good wishes, you know? I’m sorry. I really am. I do hope you’ll join me for the second half of the LAW journey on Amazon.

What if I want to read the books on KU right now?
Some of my titles are already there. The Alexa's Travels and HOP-17 Series are there. You can go to Amazon and  search or you can go to my website and follow the link on the book's details page. My other two series should be live in the program as of this weekend.

Did you vote in the Safe Haven camp meetings?
This one is from an earlier book, deciding on age limit, and where the camp would go next.

This vote is on the punishment of Adrian and Conner.

And finally, I have created 2 ‘pins’ on Pinterest that I would like you to consider browsing. The first is a missing persons pin. Did you know that 100,000 people go missing every year in the US? Neither did I. If we can bring home even one of these missing kids, moms, or dads, it’s a great thing.
The second ‘pin’ is a job set. Each morning, I go out and find a recent post from the USA that is hiring full time with benefits (Please read the job fine print for yourself to be sure. Things change) and one of them might be the opportunity you’re searching for. Or just a way to pay the bills. I certainly understand the need for that.  I hope it helps some of you realize those dreams. Here is the link:

That’s all for now, but don’t forget to stop by my blog for Life After War Wednesdays. We’ll be covering character profiles, releases, samples, votes, polls, giveaways, and much more.
Have a great day, world. Watch your six.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Life After War Wednesday! An unseen interview by Reporter Cynthia Quest

Cynthia Quest Reporting
June 11th, 2013

Will We be the Last Americans in this Country?

That was some mandatory camp meeting, huh? My brain is still spinning. Talking about leaving our country and sacrificing our little girls really drives in the reality that all Americans are in deep trouble, even those who think they can outlast nature. That sinkhole fiasco almost cost us nine children. The bat attack wiped out a previous generation of elderly that could have continued to pass down wisdom. The sicknesses that hang over this land will come for us eventually, and of course, starvation is always on the horizon. We must face the truth. We are being exterminated. What’s worse? The measures we will take in our vain efforts against the inevitable will change our culture and freedoms long before the apocalypse finishes us off.
What do I mean by that? Look at the meeting choices. We’re about to condone child abuse in order to ensure there are Americans still on this soil seventy years from now. When we do this, we will be forever changed and no amount of rebuilding will allow recovery. Children should not have children.
What alternative do we have? I assume there are more survivors out there. We need them. Let’s encourage new people to join us rather than to ruin the lives of our kids because of what may or may not come in our lifetime. Adrian, our gracious host, doesn’t think we should stay out of the natural order of things, but we’ve all seen and felt what happens when humanity insists of playing God. We get screwed.
Was that meeting a big show, a lie? I’d like to say yes, but I can’t. I did a quiet count during the research for this interview. What I found was almost exactly what we were told. Out of every four people who come to this refugee camp, only one is a female and there is a 30% chance that she will be too old, too young, or too sterile to breed. If those numbers don’t rise, and quickly, we may very well be the last Americans in this country. I would personally like to ask every woman in Safe Haven to get pregnant immediately, but I only found the time to talk to three. Here are our exchanges:

Cynthia: “Thank you for agreeing to talk to me. I’d like to ask you about the new rule of 15 for couples, and if you see yourself having a child anytime soon.
Nancy: “15 works as long as there are evaluations and classes. It stinks that we have to do it, but Americans have been through rough times before. We’ll get through this.”
Cynthia: “And children?”
Nancy: “I’m not sure. My views on kids aren’t good right now. How can I be a mother when I’m not sure if I’ll be alive tomorrow?”
Cynthia: So you don’t see yourself having kids until we reach the mountains?”
Nancy: “If then, honestly. Our safety isn’t carved in that stone. I’d probably wait for the island.”

Cynthia: Thanks for coming. Comfortable?
Tracy: No.
Cynthia: I’ll get right to it, then. As one of the camp…relief sources, have you ever considered settling down and having children?
Tracy: Not until last night. Now, that’s all I’m thinking about.
Cynthia: Why?
Tracy: Well, I like my life, but I love my country. I think I could be a mom, but I have to be an Eagle first, so I can keep the kid alive and cared for it, you know? It’s a rough world out there.
Cynthia: I agree. How do you feel about the age being lowered from 16 to 15?
Tracy: I hate it.
Cynthia: Wow. That’s surprising, considering what you do on your down time.
Tracy: No, it isn’t. Becoming sexually active that young hurt me and ruined the future I could have had. I want the age to be 20.

Cynthia: Sorry to bother you. Can I ask how you feel about last night’s meeting?
Janet: Uneasy.
Cynthia: Uneasy? Why?
We’re changing. We might be leaving. It won’t feel like America soon.
Cynthia: Do you agree with the age line?
Janet: Yes. I was active at 13 and had a happy life with kids and a husband before the war.
Cynthia: “You had children?
Janet: I lost my family on December 23rd.
Cynthia: I’m sorry. Will you have more children at some point?
Janet: Never.
Cynthia: Why not? We need kids.
Janet: I need my sanity more. I couldn’t look at a baby and not be in misery every day over the three boys I lost. They were everything to me.
Cynthia: So you won’t-
Janet: Please excuse me.

As you can see, the women of Safe Haven have different opinions on the new age, but on procreating, they are in complete  agreement. No kids right now and probably not at all. That’s three of three, folks. If the other 34 women who can have kids feel this way, that drops last night’s number down to extinction levels with two generations.
Scared yet?
So am I.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Life After War Wednesday!

Hello! Welcome to Life After War Wednesday! For this week, I decided to give you the first 100 pages of book 9. You’ve been very patient and this will at least provide an hour or two of new material. I hope you enjoy it. Please keep in mind that it is a draft, which means it isn’t polished and is subject to change.

How to read this sample:

Read online on Wattpad, where I’ve posted it.

Download the PDF from my new website, here.

Hey, did you participate in last week’s post? It was the ‘real’ version of the Safe Haven camp vote for the punishment of Adrian and Conner. Would you have voted for banishment or death? Neither? Go here to make your voice heard.

See you next week! Watch your six.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Camp Vote on the Punishments for Adrian Mitchel and Conner

Life After War Wednesday has Returned!

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

News and Notes for January

News from the Author
There are now updated copies of all 8 current LAW books! Thank you, Betas and Readers who donated their valuable time to help me. I’d also like to say an extra thank you! to Jeanne, Jan, Jeff, and Shawndra, who have never failed to turn in a file. That’s awesome.
Some stores offer these updates and some don’t. If your retailer does not, you can email me ( a copy of your receipt and I’ll send you the replacement PDF or EPUB. Yes, from any online store. I’m sorry that the very first copy you received wasn’t prefect. We’ve been working hard to correct that issue and appreciate your patience more than I can say.
This offer comes directly from the author. It is not valid through the store where you bought my books. They may offer an update, however. Please check your library there. Right now, updated copy replacements from the author are available for:

Book One: The Survivors (now named: The Apocalypse and the Survivors)
Book Two: On The Road (now named Apocalypse Roads)
Book Three: Safe Haven (now named: Safe Haven Refuge)
The Box Set (Books 1-3) (now named Apocalypse Books 1, 2, & 3)
Book Four: Adrian’s Eagles (no name change)
Book Five: From The Ashes (now named Nuclear Ashes)
Book Six: Where We Stand (now named Dystopian Stand)
Book Seven: The Price We Pay (now named: Fight for Survival)
Book Eight: Carved In Stone (now named: Carved in Yellowstone. *Very few changes were made to this file.)
Summary: Free updated copy of the above books, PDF or EPUB direct from author only, when you send me a copy of your receipts for those books from ANY online store.
Subject: Replacement copy

Shattered Dreams(Law book 9) and
Forever Changed (BB book 3)
I fell behind on both of them after a nasty plumbing issue (Whatever you’ve just imagined, multiply it by 3 weeks.) and editing warnings from Amazon. The Betas and I, along with others, had already been working on it, but with the open tickets, I had to step up cleaning the backlist and there simply wasn’t time for anything else. I’m very sorry. I know you’re tired of hearing that, tired of waiting. These two titles have been up for preorder for a while now. They are also the last preorders that my blog and sites will host. I honestly just have too much trouble meeting those deadlines. I can’t force other parts of this process to go faster and I can’t make my own process go quicker, so there really isn’t a solution other than no more preorders on here. You’ll all get future files as soon as they’re ready for release. Anyone who would like a refund on a current preorder need only email me at the above address, no questions asked, and again, I’m very sorry, really. I’ll get both of those books out just as soon as I can. I’m back in business now, I think, and starting Monday, will be devoting all my working hours to the new material again.

A couple of quick notes:

My new website. You can find everything you want there, including links to all the stores, character details, and the interactive features from book 5. (It has all the answers, with links to the 80 pages of hidden scenes that most people didn’t find the answers to access.)

HOP-17: Episode 2 is now live on most stores. Here is the link to my new website, where you can find the retailer you prefer.

The Life After War collection has also been released. It has all of the current books (1-8) and both backstories. 10 books, in one file!

That’s all for now. I hope you have a wonderful week. I’ll be sending out an email to all the subscribers when all of the links are live for the new releases. Thank you for stopping by.
Watch your six.

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