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Life After War Wednesday #1- Cesar Castro Diaz

Once a week, we will get to know the “people” who make up the Life After War series through profiles, back stories, and glimpses into their mind. At the bottom of each edition, I’ll be placing a few extras, such as excerpts, personal thoughts, or questions to vote on. Please use the comments section for discussion.

To start us off, I chose to cover one of those who have perished during Life After War, thus far. Let’s look at the main bad guy from books 1-4:

Cesar Castro Diaz

Age: 43
Eyes: Black
Height: 5'10”
Weight: 195 lb
Birthday: 1/4/70

Gold Front Tooth
Kinked black curls
2 missing fingers- left hand

Before War: Infamous Mexican Guerilla Captain

After War: Leader of an invading army.

Quote: "I will have the Witch! Nothing will stop me when I come for her!"


- Once he makes up his mind, it's set and little will change his mind.

- He learned first hand how to keep control amid the violence and he does it well.


- Hates so much that he has no beauty in his heart.

-Underestimates his enemies.

FBI Notes

-The FBI has no US record. For Mexican, European, and other records, contact case manager.


Cesar was raised by one of Mexico’s most ruthless men. Bred to be a warrior in his father’s army, he is a hardened man, who worked his way up the ranks through violence and manipulation. Like his father, Cesar loathes the United States and the number of American’s he's rumored to have killed before the war is over 200. A month after the war, it was 1000.

When the war came, Cesar took a large group of men and headed to the U.S border to rescue friends and family in Arizona and New Mexico detention centers. When he encountered no resistance, he seized the opportunity, invading. The vile man intends to keep anyone from rebuilding and hopes to seed the country with as many bastards as he can, leaving the US an occupied state.

Cesar hates America for many reasons but mostly for what he believes it did to his father.

Current Status: Deceased as of Book 4, Adrian’s Eagles.

Cause of Death: Multiple bullet wounds.

Killed by: Adrian Mitchel and Angela White at the end of book four, Adrian’s Eagles.


One of Cesar’s main goals is to seed America with his bastard’s, leaving the US an occupied land. He’s been carrying out that plan for months, being very careful to ensure the children are his. As of book 3, Safe Haven, the guerilla has conquered more than 20 towns and rarely spends a night without a slave chained to the pole of his filthy tent.

Question to consider: As of April, 2013, how many children do you think Cesar has on the way?

Something else to think about- Will any of those forced offspring be heard from?

Go here to vote. Results will be announced during next Wednesday’s post.


Immune to the noise, Cesar watched the plump woman ride out of camp, the cries of her two young children making him sure she would do as he wanted. She would be missed for her cooking skills here but at Safe Haven, she would be an invaluable tool waiting for his orders.

His army was undisciplined, drunk on their successful invasion of the hated American’s and the wise guerilla Captain sensed that wouldn’t be enough to defeat the group of survivors from his dream. The blond man had been hard and Cesar recognized the future battle. When it came, he would be ready and none of them would stand. He would stop that vision from ever happening and there was a feeling of importance to the woman disappearing into the fog. Maria would be the key to that battle.

Cesar shoved the toddlers from his leg, waving at a slave to care for them. When his upset sons were older, they too would be sacrifices for the cause. The evil slave trader grinned, letting out a battle cry that was echoed by his men.

”Muerte a Estados Unidos!" Death to America.

Life After War

Next Week: Marc and Angie!

"This is Safe Haven Refugee Camp. Can anyone hear me?
Hello? Is anyone out there?"

The Survivors
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Jacquie said...

I was terrible at word problems! Here goes nothing. 52? One for every week of the year!

Angela White said...

Hi Jacquie! Thanks for stopping by.
That's a good guess, but a bit high.

Marc & Angie in two days!

Adrian's Eagles in roughly 17 days, if things go well. I'll be posting next thursday about it.

Have a great week!

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