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LIfe After War #5-Brady, Brady, Brady

First Sergeant Marcus Brady

Age: 35
Height: 6’
Weight: 225 lbs
Broad shoulders
Loner/slightly bitter
Forced to go into the service
Black feathered hair
Colt .45’s-matching ivory handles
Full, pouty lips

Quote: “It’s okay to be scared, but you have to think too.”

-There are few problems he can’t handle if given the time or materials.
-Once his loyalty is given, it is unshakable.

-Knows how to be a team player but his misery often makes him a loner.
-beyond at having another chance with Angie, he has no other goals, no vision for his future.

FBI notes
-DNA marker came back inconclusive. Subject shows no signs of mental abilities; however, termination has been recommended due to above average strategy skills. Considered Dangerous. Location: New Mexico-See case manager for map.

How does Marc feel about Angie becoming an Eagle? Here’s a clip that should help explain it.

“Can I sit here?”
Angela looked up from her tray with an unguarded smile that made Marc’s heart thump.
“You know it.”
Her response, however, made his anger flare higher. She sounded more like these people every day. “I’d like to talk to you about something that’s bothering me.”
Angela answered distractedly, glad to feel the pill finally starting to calm the heat in her shoulder. “What’s up?”
Marc sat across from her and braced himself, suddenly sure it would go badly. “I don’t think you should be an Eagle.”
A breathless sort of shock slid over her face and Marc dropped his head, but didn’t stop. “I’d like you to resign, find something else. There has to be a safer way for you to help him.”
“I see.” There was only ice now. “And your reasons?”
Marc felt the ambush coming, tried to head it off. “There’s a lot you’re not seeing and it might get you hurt. These people don’t want you to do it, not even the women here. Just you and Adrian.”
There was a sneer in his tone that had her frowning. He still didn’t trust or even like Adrian.
“That’s not true,” she argued, thinking of her shower visit from Hilda and Peggy. “There are a few.”
Marc shook his head. “Trained lapdogs don’t count.” His voice gentled, became almost patronizing to her wounded ears. “And none of them really think you can either. When the first cage match comes and no one hits you, everyone will see the flaw in his plans.”
Angela knew she should be furious with his lack of support, but she’d already noticed those things hadn’t she? Marc’s beef wasn’t the Eagles at the moment, but Adrian. “You’re jealous.”
It was a fact being stated. Marc couldn’t, wouldn’t deny it.
Sadness hit Angela in waves. “Why can’t I have both, Brady?”
“What?” Marc had been bracing for her anger, not a compromise.
“Both. You and the Eagles.”
Marc didn’t know what to say to that and she leaned forward. “I have the room and I’ve been working on it from the moment we got here. I want both.”
Angela’s voice lowered to a plea. “I need both. Please don’t make me pick one or the other.”
Marc hated it that he could feel himself turning into Kenn. “How does that work?”
“You have to let me do what I am meant to. If I get hurt in the process, that’s life now. I’ve been held back for so long!”
She noticed the nearest perimeter guards changing, made contact with the shadows. “And there’s so much I can do, so many ways I can help if I’m an Eagle.”
Angela turned back to him with flecks of steel shimmering. “I will be one of them, in every way, Brady. I’m almost free of the past, but this can’t hang between us. You’ll have to decide if you can let me live my life the way I see fit. If you can, I’ll share it with you, openly.”
Her tone went back to ice. “But that means accepting me as an Eagle.”
“And that’s firm? No room to bend?”
Angela sighed at the stiffness in his voice. “What if I said okay, Marc? I’ll move my stuff into your tent today and resign, go back to just being a doctor. Is that what you want?”
She had tried hard for casual, but the pain clear and Marc shook his head. “Yes.”
Angela’s face tightened. He wouldn’t force her, would he? “I’ll go pack. You tell Adrian.”
Marc’s eyes flashed and she gave him a hard stare, pushing away from the table. “I owe you, right? It’s time to start paying off that debt.”
Was she bluffing? Did it matter? He could never follow through. “I’m leaving soon. Get ready for it.”
Angela stood up, voice scornful as she struck back. “I was ready for it when you found me in Indiana.   Surprised you’ve stuck around this long.”

As you can see, he’s against it and things are getting ugly. What’s his biggest issue with it?
Her getting hurt or killed? Her becoming important in Safe Haven’s chain of command? All the time she’ll spend with the Eagles and not him?

No. He’s really afraid of not being needed. If she can stand on her own, he sees his own value to her as non-existent. Will he be able to adjust? I believe so.

Next week- Kenn-Why wasn’t he banished?

"This is Safe Haven Refugee Camp. Can anyone hear me?
Hello? Is anyone out there?"

The Survivors
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