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Life After War Wednesday-3-The Twins

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The Twins

Dean and Dillan Kelly

Age: 34
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Black
Height: 6’
Weight: 220 lb
Birthday: 12/30/78
Like to use their knives
No known twin connection

Before war: Awaiting extradition for rape and murder

AW: Ruthless hunters stalking Angela & Safe Haven.

Quote: "Look for holes in their defenses. We only need one mistake."

- Until the Witch, they feared nothing.
- Their twin connection allows them to function as a perfectly lethal team.

- Their over-confidence hinders them to some threats. Like Adrian.
- They have loved no one but themselves and each other. Ever.

FBI Notes:
Dean and Dillan Kelly are 36th on the Top Most Wanted list. Report their whereabouts immediately upon confirmation.

Dean and Dillan were born evil. At 5, they tortured small animals. At 10, they were in juvenile hall for attacking their prostitute mother with baseball bats and became wards of the state. They are remorseless killers who, if it can't be found, will make it.

Operating mostly in Mexico, the brothers were the men who could find anyone, kill anyone, and they worked with a lot of mad men. Like Cesar, leader of the Slavers now stalking American survivors.

The twins were captured only two days before the War of 2012. Surrounded, with a hostage, they barely survived their standoff with border patrol. Their captive hadn't.
Current Status: Deceased as of books 3 and 4.
Cause of Death:
Dillian- Killed by Brady with a blazer in book three.

Dean- Killed by Kenn with a single bullet in book 4.


The twins don’t seem to have any goals beyond revenge. They have no heart or mercy, and barely any compassion or emotion for even each other. They are evil, in one of its many forms.

Question to consider: Why do you think the twins turned out this way? Go here to vote.

Something else I wonder about: Are the failed health, poverty, parenting, security, drug, law, and school policies of our world to blame for the disrespect we’re currently putting up with from the younger generations? If so, do we then deserve it?


Arriving before dawn, Cesar’s men had the lone twin surrounded before the gold convertible was fully stopped. Dean’s eyes dared one of them to touch him. He had come to talk but he would kill right now with little provocation, much like a wounded animal.  There was no doubt the Mexican’s had heard what went over Safe Haven’s radio channels and this time, the waves of energy shooting from the Witch would have been impossible to miss. The Slaver now had his proof of their words but would he still want Dean’s help?
Cesar considered these things as he moved toward the twin who’d been sitting in the center of the muddy, abandoned campsite. Safe Haven’s last site. He’d been sure both brothers were dead after hearing the witch’s voice checking in. From the look of the muddy man in the rutted center of camp, only one of them had survived the encounter.
Why would Dean come back? Vengeance for his brother? To try to take over his men and attack recklessly? The Slaver had no intentions of killing the brother if he could avoid it. After seeing and hearing the enemy close-up, he now wanted every deadly hand he could get and there was no doubt that Dean was a killer.
“You should have called us. We could have taken her from a group that size.”
Dean’s face was a mask of hatred that Cesar was careful to ignore for the moment. Business first, always. There would be time for lessons later.
“We saw an opening and took it. They weren’t away from camp long enough for you to get here.”
Cesar shrugged, stretching tiredly. “The only question that matters, is what you planned to do once you had her.”
Dean looked up from his seat on the muddy ground. “Get our share of the pie.”
Cesar frowned, unfamiliar with the saying and the twin blew out a sigh of disgusted contempt. “Her first orders were to destroy that camp. Yours next if you tried to take her from us.”
José drew his pistol and stepped forward but Cesar only laughed and waved him back. The Witch would be theirs to make suffer and then this mercenary would no longer be needed.
“Your hermano was the balls, si?”
“Now, maybe you are both.” Cesar extended a hand that Dean took warily, letting the Slaver help him up.  “Come, let us share a whore in your brother’s honor. At dawn we will go meet the tank team I sent out. They’re ahead. We’ll meet Safe Haven in the middle.”

Next Week: Adrian & a Sneak Peak

"This is Safe Haven Refugee Camp. Can anyone hear me?
Hello? Is anyone out there?"

The Survivors
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