Wednesday, September 5, 2012

LAW Day #12- Seth

Life After War
Seth Daniels




27 Yrs



Green eyes

Reddish blonde hair


Bw: Career, Undercover Cop

AW: Level 3 Eagle in Adrian’s Army

B. State: Colorado

Quote: "There is no one watching your Six and I want the job."



- He reads people (women) well.

- His sense of humor often lightens tense situations.

- Was a great father. He'll never stop hoping his young daughter survived.


- He has a short fuse that luckily never resulted in any charges.

- Feels a strong need to prove himself to those around him. Always has.

- Fears ever loving again after losing a child in the war.

FBI Notes:

Marker identified. Suspected of minor mental abilities. Not considered a threat, though the subject is on the elimination consideration sheet.


Seth grew up with police parents, military grandparents. There was some type of service for nearly every member of his family… and every one of them has been killed on the job.

When the War came, Seth had made it up to undercover agent, newly placed with the FBI. His secret ambition was to guard the President. Out on a training call, the devastation was completed in his absence. He arrived home to find his home burnt to the ground. With no signs of remains, Seth spent the first few months of the War searching for his wife and 4 year old little girl.
The wife, he missed. The child, he longs for continuously, and relentlessly searches the incoming refugees and towns they pass. Now that he's in Adrian’s sharp employment, Seth has found a light, a hope, in his darkness. In time he'll play a much bigger role.


"This is Safe Haven Refugee Camp. Can anyone hear me?
Hello? Is anyone out there?"
The Survivors
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JILLIAN said...


Anonymous said...

I like Seth. Always have. Didn't know he had abilities but I suspected he was special in some weird way. It makes him even more intriguing and its good to know we will be seeing more of him:)

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