Bachelor Battles

The Change

Dear Reader,
Try to imagine… Five hundred years into the future, nine of every ten babies born are female. Men have been enslaved for their own protection and the only way to get a man is to enter the Network Games and win.

The catch?

It is a live battle to the death, where competition is fierce and even the winners leave damaged.
Finally of legal age and ready to challenge the rulers who make them all exist in this torment, one fiery female will put everything on the line to rescue her stolen mate from the Games and create a world where the Network doesn’t exist.

Who’s ready to play?

Let's meet the Players...

Candice Marie Pruett- Just barely 18, this intimidating Bounty Hunter resides in the Recovery Zones of Ohio and has a long record of excessive force. Recently fined over a million UD's for injury to a family member, the brutal Changeling only wants one thing. To get back what was stolen from her. Rank: 5/10.

The Blond Bombshell- This hardened Dock worker is reigning champion and heavily favored to repeat her vicious victory and claim a second prize. Trying to amass a harem to stand between her and the Change, she starts the games ranked 1/10.

The Ex-Defender- Fresh from tracking fugitives in the deserts of Nebraska, this former Network guard seeks make amends by winning and donating her prize to charity. The dangerous, untrained male she allowed to escape is still missing and has lowered her rankings on day one, to just 7/10.

And their prize, a choice of...Daniel is a 20 year old Bachelor with excellent home skills and no memory of his life before being sold to the Network. Calm and unaggressive, he has been trained to be the perfect, harmless mate, and now hopes for a kind and loving owner to take him home.


One of the eight other brutally brainwashed males sharing his Cell. They are lot #21198.
Who's ready to play? Are ya? Are ya really?

Candice and Daniel

She was watching me, evaluating my reaction, and I wondered why it mattered so much to her. Candice owned me. If she chose to register us for breeding, who was I to argue?
"Do you have children, Daniel?"
Raw Pain. "Yes."
She was reading my face for what I didn't say. I could tell she wanted me to open up, but that was a ghost I shared with no one, and I stayed silent, trying to mend the rift in my heart... again. I had to every time the thought of being a father and never seeing the child tore me apart from the inside.
"I might be able to find them for you... if you give me details on their mothers."
Stunned into shock again, I gaped at her with my mouth open. Why would she do that?
"How many?"
I forced my mouth to work. "Two."
"It was recorded?"
I nodded, not allowing myself to hope. "Through the Games."
"I'll see what I can find out."
Her offer came easily, along with a tone that said maybe I'd misjudged this violent female in a lot of ways. It allowed me to form a question of my own.
"If you find them, will I... can I see them? Even if they don't know I'm there?"
She studied me with those unreadable eyes, but after a week, I had picked up a bit about my new owner. I sensed she held a deep sympathy for the torment I'd just revealed.
"If I can arrange it."
She didn't make a false promise or a claim she couldn't back up. It sent that hope I'd denied into my heart and spilling out of my mouth. "Please! I have to know if they're..."
I stopped, about to let go of a secret I'd been guarding for years.
Candice raised a brow. "If they're what?"
I dropped my eyes and hoped she missed the tremor in my voice. "If they're suffering like you and all the others... or if they're immune."

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All books in this series, in order


The Change: Episode One

 Changeling Winds: Episode Two

Forever Changed: Episode Three
Forever Changed: Episode Three
700+ pages
Release Date: 2016
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Elizabeth spaniolo said...

When should we expect To the death to be available? I'm hooked. Loved the life after war series too. Can't wait to see what's in store for Kendle!

Anonymous said...

Is there a dat for book 3?

Mandy Williamson said...

A release date for book 3? I love this series just as much as the others! I love the connections & tie ins to all of them with each other

Mandy Williamson said...

I love this series as much as your others! And I love how they all tie into each other. A release date for book 3

ubu said...

Okay, Ms. White, you have me hooked. Am enjoying Life After War series and The Bachelor Battles series. We only have one problem...I am caught up on

Kelly said...

I feel the same way as ubu! I am all caught up with no where to go... My head is all wrapped up in the lives of the characters. I can't wait to see what happens. Please, help me!

Kimberly Gilbreth said...

Love these books!!! Waiting for The Network to come out!! Thank you! Love all your books!!

Tina Hubler said...

Is there an ETA for The Network? I just finished book 2 and I'm dying to read the next one...also an ETA for the next LAW book would be groovy too! Finished the last book in that one ages ago!

Carmen said...

Like everyone else, I am on pines and needles waiting for The Network to come out.

Rena Winkler said...

Patience my fellow readers. Writing takes lots of time and major effort. Ms. White will make it outstanding.

Galaxy Chaos said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Galaxy Chaos said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
darcy davenport said...

I just read The Change and Changeling Winds and I am so excited for book 3 To The Death. It's August 2016, can I get a hint how soon it will be out. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with Jason and Angle, Candy and Denis, Baker, and the rest of the Pruett clan. Will there be happily ever afters or heart break? Waiting has never been a skill of mine. thanks for such a great story. Darcy

jose arkell said...

I Am Hoping This Comes Out Soon xD I Bought This In February.

cindy bachler said...

Love these books got me hooked can't wait to read new ones Angie and Marc and the changeling books. cindy

Jai Gearing said...

When is the third bachelor battles book coming out... Me and my friend are constantly looking on Amazon for it... Please please please shed some light on this and make our day lol x

Shawna said...

It's now 2017 is there a release date for Forver Changed yet?

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