Wednesday, April 25, 2012

LAW Day #6-Kenn-Why Wasn't He Banished?

Lance Corporal Kenn Harrison

Age: 36
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 240lbs
Black, crew-cut hair
Blue eyes
Decorated Marine
Wide shoulders
Short tempered, abusive
Black goatee
Party clown
Beefy hands

So why wasn’t Kenn banished for his abuse of Angela before the war?
Because of Adrian’s rules, he can’t be. He has to do something while in Safe Haven and Adrian tried very hard to remind him of all he’s risking. In book 4, Adrian’s Eagles, Kenn snaps, grabbing her by the throat in front of not only a tent of Eagles, but also Adrian. You’d think that would be the end of it, but the marine is saved once again by fate. Interrupted by Mother Nature, Kenn’s next action earns him a pass and a possible way to earn his place back. If he can let Angela go…and sanction her as an Eagle…and Brady’s legal mate. It’s a lot to ask and may not have been possible without the attempts on Adrian’s life. Attempts that Kenn suspects Tonya of. Here are two clips of that confrontation.

Despite the feelings he had found for the redhead, Kenn had avoided her for most of the last week and he wasn’t in the mood for the jealousy-ridden tirade she was sure to deliver. He hadn’t figured out where Tonya fit into his plans to earn back Adrian’s respect.
Instantly hurt and then mad, Tonya put out a black boot to trip him and Kenn went down awkwardly in the dirt.
“To hell with you, then!”
She spun around and Kenn sat up, watching her go. There was another pain in his ass. Too stubborn, too sexy, too determined… Kenn froze as his mind showed him a possible way out of his mess. Maybe he could honestly try again, instead of pretending.
“Wait up, Tonya! I’ll walk you to your tent.”
It was the first time he’d ever shown a public interest in her and she stopped, surprised. “Okay.”
Kenn moved to her side and shocked everyone in sight by placing a gentlemanly hand on her arm. “Let’s take our time. We have some things to talk about.”

“No, I didn’t.”
Tonya’s voice was indignant, telling him she wasn’t lying. “How would I know what to do? I barely drive.”
Kenn thought differently but was still too pissed over the attempt on Adrian’s life to be sidetracked. “Swear it!”
Tonya’s voice rose a bit. “I’ve told you. If you can’t accept it, that’s your problem.”
Kenn’s face tightened like he wasn’t convinced “We’ll be through if you’re lying.”
The redhead’s stiffened, but she only gave a shrug. “I didn’t do it and I don’t deserve this from you.” She raked him with a sharp glance. “Maybe we should change our plans for later.”
Kenn was the one scowling now. “Why? Guilty conscience?”
Fed up, Tonya delivered a nasty sneer. “Sure. I spend a lot of time biting the hand that feeds me. I’m that stupid,” she snorted, turning away. “Jackass.”
Kenn let her go in relief. He’d been hard on her, jerking her into the garden truck to interrogate her, but he had to be sure she didn’t do it. He couldn’t be sleeping with the enemy, especially not when he was trying so hard to earn back his place. It would be rough, adjusting to seeing Marc and Angela together so soon after he’d threatened her death but that old rage had shot out of him the instant he pulled the trigger on Dean. He didn’t like their relationship and never would, not to mention there was still a wall of bitterness about the whole Charlie paternity affair, but he had his place as a top level man in Adrian’s chain of command and that mattered more.

And now that he knew Tonya wasn’t guilty, Kenn could concentrate on finding out who was and gain more ground on the gap he’d created with his flawed wiring. Kenn had come to accept that, had to after hearing it so many times from those here. His parents had damaged him and he’d hurt her as a result. It had seemed far fetched to him but after seeing Angela bleeding in front of Adrian, Kenn’s perceptions had become different.
For every slap he’d seen his father deliver to his mother, he had given one to Angela, as if it were what he supposed to do. The only relationship he’d seen was one of complete control and it had felt natural to carry it into his adult life. It was a sobering line of thoughts, mind changing and personality altering. He wasn’t that cheerful pre-War Kenny anymore but he was still on Adrian’s right and that was enough to keep him giving everything he had.

Kenn isn’t a good guy, but he isn’t evil either. Once he accepts his lot things might even get better for him.

Next week: Tonya

"This is Safe Haven Refugee Camp. Can anyone hear me?
Hello? Is anyone out there?"

The Survivors
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Albert Santoyo said...

Iin Book one The Survivors, you refer to Ken Harrison as a Lt (Lieutenant) and as a Lance Corporal (two totally difference ranks). From what I read so far regarding this character he sounds more of a Lieutenant than a Lance Corporal. Can you clarify

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