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Life After War Wednesday-#4- Adrian + a Sneak Peak

Adrian's Eagles

This week, we’ll have a sneak peak at Adrian’s Eagles, but we’ll also be examining a little of the multi-layered onion that’s Adrian Mitchel. Let’s start with his profile.

Adrian Mitchel

Age: 48
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’
Weight: 230 lb
Birthday: 7/4/64
Holsters on both hips
Sun streaked brows
Light goatee

Adrian has never known love beyond his bond with his mother. He instinctively knows how to be in a relationship, but has never felt the need to try. Until now. From the instant their eyes met, he recognized Angela as a kindred, but the strength of the feelings he has for Brady’s woman came as a surprise.

Sneak Peak: Adrian’s Eagles

April 25th, 2013

Fate just isn’t something you can plan for. Sometimes, all you can do is hold on and steer toward the shallows.
I was expecting all men. My help is only half that and I’m struggling to be careful with them and the camp. Samantha needs time to adjust before I can pull her in openly. Angie has to be trained, taught. The workload has increased but so have the benefits. Not one Seer, but three!
Fate blessed me and cursed me. Somewhere, laughter is spilling on my account, mostly because I can’t complain. I now have what I need. Where to begin! What to push the hardest or even first?
We’re spending the next two days here and I hope to get further in my head and with them. These women need to be accepted and I have total faith that fate will put us in just the right place, at just the right time.
And if one of them flinches, the camp won’t give them a second chance.

Adrian wasn’t entirely sure on that. It would depend on how bad the flinch was and what it cost…
“Got a minute?”
Adrian steadied himself against the vivid feel of her suddenly being in his head. “Sure. What’s up?”
“I need a schedule switch.”
Instantly alert, he closed the newest journal that now held a single entry. He had already filled ten others since the War of 2012.
“You’re having trouble?”
He felt her hesitate.
“Not exactly. Kyle said you changed shifts to mid morning when I came. Please, put them back?”
Adrian’s mind raced. Why would she want to be awake so early? Part of proving herself?
“Mostly to avoid… the morning sets.”
Adrian scowled furiously. Hiding from Kenn. No, he was out of camp with Zack and his team on a Slaver recon right now and usually had point at that time. The level one Eagles trained on that shift. She was avoiding Brady.
“I’ll take care of it.”
There was a pause where he felt her need for something else but didn’t respond. If it was important, she would ask. Without looking into those expressive eyes, he would only be guessing at her thoughts.
Angela let the connection open further, giving him what he wouldn’t ask for as she moved through tents. Another view of his camp.
The camp glowed with life through her eyes and it made Adrian’s heart fill with pride and satisfaction. These people were happy considering all that had happened, and obviously well cared for. Their leader was a good man.
“Thank you.”
“It’s my honor.”
Adrian closed his eyes, the peace she’d given him allowing for a rare extra few minutes to snooze and think. And what did his mind consider most important right at this very moment?
The woman now on her way to give a final class to two levels of Eagles.

Adrian’s bonding with Angela is both sweet and brutal. Through total freedom and trust, he shows her a life she’s never dreamed of, a way of living that fulfils her need to atone as much as her sense of duty. He made her more than she’s ever been and their time together will not be easy to forgotten. Adrian wants to fight for her but knows she need to figure it out for herself and steps back to let her.

Determined to do the right thing, Adrian concentrates on getting his people toward Arkansas, where a dangerous personal reunion waits for him. Have the choices he’s made cost him a son? Even Angela can’t be sure.

 And how does Marc feel about all this?

Next Week: Brady, Brady, Brady!

"This is Safe Haven Refugee Camp. Can anyone hear me?
Hello? Is anyone out there?"

The Survivors
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