Wednesday, December 26, 2012

LAW D #27 - Book 5 Sneak Peek!


Adrian woke all at once, not sure what had disturbed him. Eyes still closed, he listened, and heard nothing.

His head ached with a fierce throbbing and though he knew he was in his on cot, he didn’t know how he’d gotten there. He opened his eyes to look at the alarm clock and frowned, listening harder. 9 a.m. He had slept till nine and yet, there was no noise from his camp.

He buttoned jeans he didn’t remember putting on and sat up, aware of the very bright light seeping through the shades. He pulled on his boots, stuffing the laces inside and still, silence. Alarm bells were going off in his head and he quickly strapped on his gun.

“Angela.” He called for her silently, pulling on his jacket and stepping to the door. The air was chilly as the camper door swung open…

Adrian sucked in a painful breath. He grabbed the door frame for support, horrified to feel sharp pains radiate from his chest. It was gone. All of it.

Abandoned, torn up, rusted campers sat on flat tires without windows or doors, and the sickly weeds were growing up over the wheels. The air smelled sour, though the sky was finally clear of the sky grit, but there were no people here.

From the doorway he could see the Mess and the parking area, and although everything was there, it was like the campers; broken, rusty, and charred, with weeds starting to take over the tires.

He stepped slowly down into ankle high greenish plants that seemed to gravitate towards him, brushing, caressing. He turned, and was stunned to see that his camper now looked like the rest of the camp - old, over. There was even a huge hole in the rusted-out bottom stair that should have tripped him and broken his ankle.

His 9mm was in his hand now, the survivor inside coming forward, moving his feet. It was all gone here, all wrong. Charred personal items and bloodstains were on steps, walls, vehicles, and the ground, but they looked faded, frozen in time.

His heart pounded irregularly and he winced this time at the terrifying feeling. Panicking blue eyes found his shiny semi nearby, but he ignored the instinct screaming at him to get in it and run, sensing the trap that might lie hidden there.

He called for Angela again and his heart grew cold when she still didn’t answer. He turned to find her camper, but was drawn to the sight of the crosses on an edge of the cracked pavement.

They were made of wood and scraps, a graveyard of roughly fifty, over-grown and neglected. He knew who they were before he started reading the names... his army.


(800 pages, $4.99-EPUB/PDF)
Release Date: Feb, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Law D #25 - An Interview with Neil -Third in Command, between Killing and Chasing Skirts

Cynthia Quest Reporting

Because of our lack of common ground, this will be a fast interview, I’m sure. I don’t expect to get real answers from Adrian’s pet, but I’m determined to try.


“Why didn’t you or Kyle drive Kenn out of camp and put a bullet in his head like the rest?”

Neil’s tone was hard. His ass wasn’t even in the chair yet. “Because Adrian didn’t want us to. Why do you ask questions you already know the answer to?”

Cynthia frowned, wishing she could ask the real questions, the ones that might get Adrian removed from power. “Do you feel guilty for all the murders you’ve committed since becoming an Eagle?”

“I haven’t committed any murders.”

“But you’ve killed…”

“There’s a big difference between the two.”

Cynthia still didn’t understand it, and the trooper made no attempts to enlighten her. Unless hell froze over, Cynthia would always be a sheep. There was no reason to waste time on her.

“Is there anything you wouldn’t do for our fearless leader?”

“No. Again, you’re clear on that. What are you digging for?”

“Don’t you think the hits you’ve delivered to our female Eagles were the same as what Kenn did?”

Flashing to the Boss man’s words, Neil let out a grunt. “Sometimes, I worry, the same as every other Eagle. It won’t stop us, but it will make us more careful with our teammates, something we can’t have too much of.”

Hoping for more of that honesty, Cynthia pushed forward. “Why did you really support Angela becoming an Eagle? Was it to spite Kenn?”

Neil grinned. “As much as I’d like to say yes, it wasn’t. It was for Adrian, and then for her, because she’s earning it.”

The reporter shoved now, eager to get what she could while his good mood lasted. “Are you still interested in Little Becky?”

“We’re friends.”

“That’s it?”


“Are you and Samantha an official couple? Are you dating?”

“No, to both.”

“What would she say to those questions?”

“The same, only with cursing.”

“How does it feel to know you sacrificed Jeremy’s friendship for a woman?”

Neil stood up, not answering.

Cynthia hid a smirk. Obviously, it didn’t feel good.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

LAW D #24 - Profile - Jeremy

Not very much is known about Jeremy. By readers, camp members, or the Eagles. Even I only have a vague, shadowy picture. He worked in an office, he had extra money lying around, and he knows how to manipulate things, like Adrian. I suspect there’s a lot more to him.

I honestly thought Billy, the pony-tailed blond Eagle on Kyle’s team-would play this role. I also assumed it was all a setup to get Neil and Sam together. As soon as I started writing it, I found out how quickly he fell for her.

Jeremy lost the love of his life during a skiing accident in the mountains. He has never forgiven himself. The lift malfunctioned, dumping them all out half way up the trail. Twelve people died that day. His outspoken, tough, blonde fiancé had been one of them.

After the accident, Jeremy lost most of his compassion, burying it to avoid the pain. It is unlikely he’s faced it yet, though some people never do come to term with the things that haunt them. We can only wait and watch, and hope for the best. It really wasn’t his fault, even though he’d been rocking the seat and causing a disturbance. The inspectors afterward stated the equipment was rusted-through in places, and that his goofing around hadn’t caused the loss of life.

Did Jeremy believe the report? That’s hard to say.

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