Alexa's Travels

Gunfighters, Myths, Magic, and an Impossible Quest

Years after nuclear war has devastated the world and split reality, a group of gunfighters have come from the western radiation zones. Through the undead, past dead, and soon-to-be dead, they’ve trekked the apocalypse, obeying a forgotten code. On an impossible quest to find those who came before them, these fighters are searching through the remnants, hoping to prove the myth of Safe Haven.
Safe Haven: A sanctuary of safety and light, of honor and duty. A Refuge for survivors. Also: A den of darkness and danger, where murder and magic go hand-in-hand.

Our Leader

Alexa has culled her companions from the dwindling herd of humanity based on their skills with a gun, sensing that they alone may have the strength to make the journey. Each battle fought at her side has tightened their bonds until those with her will let nothing stand in their way. For the gunfighters, the quest is about redemption and rebuilding what they’ve lost. For the daughter of Adrian Mitchel, the quest is a relentless hunt for her missing family. Will they verify the myth or will the apocalypse keep them locked in the western wastelands forever?

Bone Dust and Beginnings
Book One of the Alexa’s Travels Series

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The Killin' Fields: Book Two

The Quest for Safe Haven has Started

The Killin’ Fields of Nebraska have become an apocalyptic legend in the four years since nuclear war destroyed the land. Only those who have no other option will cross the endless state of corn and brave the monsters that roam in search of prey. It is a place of magic and curiosity, of walking dead and ghostly apparitions. In the Killing’ Fields, anything is possible.

The Apocalyptic Darkness

Alexa and her fighters have now made it to this cursed land. Haunted and exhausted, their quest is threatened by old behaviors and surprise reactions that force the fighters to accept that the other travelers may be even more dangerous than what lurks in the apocalyptic darkness around them. Paul isn’t the only weak link they have along for this quest.


gerily said...


I love this series do you know when book three will be released?

John Thomas said...

I'm also looking for book three, any idea when it will be released?

Angela Casazza said...

love your books. When is the next book coming out in alexa's travels? and how many total books are going to be in the life after war series ? Your a great writer can't get enough of your books. Thanks angela

Unknown said...

Couldn't get enough of LAW then I saw you had another storyline within the same world, instantly hooked. Love your writing style, and your fantastical ideas are titillating. I love the sense of purpose that all your characters work through. Your personification of nature is both very entertaining and very insightful. Please. Keep. Writing.

Gary O'Brien said...

I, too, am waiting as patiently as I can for the next book in this series. Recently read book #8 of the LAW series and read #6 & #7 since I read the last available Alexa's Travels book. I see that you are going to provide my next fix of LAW and BB soon. I am jonesing for the next Alexa book. Please write it soon(er)(est)(ASAP).

Oh, great writing, great ideas, just great everything.


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