Wednesday, May 23, 2012

LAW Day #10-Rick

Richard T. Boone

Age: 35
Height: 6'1
Weight: 190lb
Shifty green eyes
Brown hair
Always has dirty fingernails

Before War: Janitor and inmate at a correctional facility

After War: Traitor to his country and mass murderer.

Birth State: New Mexico

Quote: "I gave him this camp for our freedom."


- He's Loyal. He'll never betray Cesar

- He likes the New World. Never looks back at the past.

- Great at blending and pretending, like any other successful predator.


- He likes raping teenagers and abusing women. It makes him feel like a man.

FBI Notes

Crimes: Attempted sexual assault, assault and battery of a minor.


Raise as a ward of the state, Rick never knew his parents; 18 years in an orphanage turned him into a solitary creature with cruel tendencies. Was he abused there? I think that’s a safe assumption.

At 16, he was fired from a local store for theft and at 19 committed his first felony. The car he stole was never found. Neither was the bank’s money and he was never arrested. At 23 he was picked up for flashing young girls from his car but again, the system failed, Just a year later, he tried to rape a teenager in the washroom on a theater he worked at. She was hurt in the process and he finally went to jail. When the war came, he was serving 8 years and working as a janitor due to good behavior. Rick opened the cell doors of the prison, allowing the other dangerous inmates freedom. When Cesar arrived to save his family, Rick saved his life and was rewarded with slavery instead of death. Rick is the only white male Cesar and his slaves have left alive

So, what’s up with Rick? He’s bad. From his shifty green eyes, down to his dirty fingernails. He loathes authority enough to side with Cesar against his own countrymen. He loves the thrill of still being alive even though no one else has survived the Slavers custody. When he’s sent in the first time to betray a town, he feels guilt, but as time goes on and he commits the same crimes over and over, he becomes immune to that little voice of right and wrong.
Sam was a surprise. Rick likes his females young and struggling…until Samantha. For the first time, he had a willing woman! And he wants her back. He’s been watching Neil and Jeremy get closer to her, his rage growing as the Eagles keep him from doing anything about it. So, he’s come up with his own plan. He knows the trooper wants Little Becky, too. If he gets her first, willingly, then he’s beaten Neil to it. Other than helping Cesar conquer Safe Haven, it’s his only goal. Pay Neil back for stealing his woman.
Now that Rick has been discovered as the traitor, he’s lurking on the fringes, still using the Eagles uniform he got Matt to steal for him in exchange for a bottle. Rick sensing weaknesses and uses them, no matter the age or outcome…like with Maria. She may have never turned on Safe Haven if not for Rick. Instead, he got her killed.

Next Week: Luke and Kendle

"This is Safe Haven Refugee Camp. Can anyone hear me?
Hello? Is anyone out there?"

The Survivors
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