Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Character Profile: Kyle Genovesi (DF Tuesday)

Kyle Reece Genovesi     

Age: 35
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185 lb.
Birthday: 10/6/77
Hair: Short Black Curls
Race: Italian American
Career before the War: - A Captain the Mob. 
After the War: Level 6 in Adrian's Army.
Quote: "Whatever you need, I'll see to it."

- He was raised and trained to anticipate, prepare, and handle problems.
- Loves America, almost as much as Adrian.

- He has a fear of failure that often makes him fall short of others around him.
- He secretly likes his women young. Very young.

FBI Notes:
-There is no record on Kyle Genovesi.

Kyle was raised in a family where he was expected to kill upon an order. It's never set well and kept him from rising above a captain. He has always longed for more and his restlessness has made him very perceptive to the vibrations around him.

Considered the black sheep, Kyle can be ruthlessly cold and calculating. He may not like delivering senseless death, but has never refused or failed an order.

Never married and without children, he expected to die alone and young until the war came and freed him. Sent him to Adrian's side.

Kyle dreamed that he and his family were destroyed by an attack, and was so afraid that he warned his family and took a trip to CA. He was the only surviving family member.

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