Would you like my Autograph?

There are three ways:

1.) I’m on KindleGraph!
KindleGraph service allows authors to digitally autograph an eBook, and send it back to the user who owns it. And, despite the name, you don’t need to be an owner of Kindle Fire or Kindle eReader, since the service works well on a variety of platforms.

How does KindleGraph work?
You go here, and sort through the books. Find one you want autographed and click the send request button. You’ll then enter your personal message (optional) to the author, along with your email address.
If you’re new, you’ll need to go to your email to confirm your account, and then KindleGraph takes you through the short process. Ten minutes to have your favorites signed. Smile. Fifty Shades of Gray is on there… Snicker.
Hope you’ll stop by. If you send me a personal message, I’ll respond to it, and that will remain on your copy forever.

*KindleGraph is now called Authorgraph.

2.) Wait for a personal appearance.
I may do my first book-signing in 2017, but nothing is set. Sorry. Check back for updates.

3.) Automatically Included.
Order a paperback copy from me by using the tab at the top of this page. All books purchased through my site are shipped by me directly, and come with my John Hancock!

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