Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2013 News & Notes

Hi. Been a while since we were here. This is my 2012 end of the year post. I know, right? Always late. That should get better after the next couple releases. And after life settles back down a bit.

I know, you came for From The Ashes details. It will be live, here, sometime in Feb. I’m offering it in paperback, Doc, EPUB, and PDF. On retailers? It’s going to be a while, months at least.

Why only here?

As of right now, I have 5 days to move and no house to take my kids to. The deal with that stunningly beautiful home fell-through at the last minute and my current landlord has chosen not to break the new lease he signed when informed of my coming move in Dec. (After 2 years, I’m month-to-month and he’s worried over being sued by the new tenant, I think.) Also, the IRS has decided that I owe them $10K, 1/3 of it due by tax day, with interest and fines still adding up until they’re paid in full. Clearly, I’ll be hoping for a payment plan or a quick hit from a sniper’s slug.

The book has to go up here because I have to survive if I’m going to be able to write the next one.

On the upside, my wonderful daughter is about to turn 17, I just found out I’m going to be a grandma for the first time by my 21 year old, and my mildly autistic son is reading - to me. I also may get book 6 out in 2013. Those things top the IRS any day!

I’m sure you want to help, but sadly, like the rest of the planet, we need money and I refuse to beg you for that. What I will ask for, is this: I have a small amount of merchandise and a variety of formats of books available. If you can, buy them directly (from this blog and my website) so I get the full amount instantly. The retailers take a large cut and make me wait 60 days. You can also tell the people about Life After War and my other work.

As I'm being forced back to selling ghost-writing skills on Elancer and Freelancer in what little spare time I have, I won’t be around to answer comment or messages for a while, but I will get through this and I will be back. Probably not until after summer break, though, if I’m going to get the next 3 books ready.

…Don’t forget me, okay?


Heading back for another round of putting Beta edits on book 5. Have a nice week, world.


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