Safe Haven Ballot


northlee said...

This is the first interactive site I have been able to access with an ipad. There was no arrow to press to hear what the camp was sending out on the radio.

Tempest Storm said...

I had to access the interactive site on my Pc. My Kindle Fire didn't display it correctly. Very cool site btw! Thanks for sharing your imaginative genius. I have really enjoyed this series. :)

kerry Sig said...

I can't hear it on my iPad either! Please help! I'm obsessed!!! Love this series

maximom said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed this series. What is frightening is I can see this as a real future of the USA. A real THREAT to us I should say. We are either going to destroy ourselves or God will finally get so sick of us He will deal the final blow. Your mind has certainly worked overtime to anticipate so many horrible senarios...I love it! Thank you!

maximom said...

I have been reading the series on my nook and love the interactive scenes! Great series...amazing thoughts on what might be a very real future for USA! I love the characters and how their lives are intermingling and coming together under Adrians leadership. Great work Angela White!

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