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LAW Day #8- The Sam Prism

Samantha Moore

Age: 28
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 125 lbs
Had a pass to NORAD for saving the President’s life
Seattle EPA worker
Dirty blonde
Doesn’t fear death, only pain
Craves morphine after doing self surgery

Quote: “There’s a storm coming.”

FBI Notes
-Marker identified. Subject can predict weather with a 98% accuracy rate. Has been used twice. Should be kept close enough to be useful to command. No termination orders are expected unless an antigovernment attitude develops.

-Will do whatever she has to, no matter how ugly it gets.
-Incredibly strong.

-Too forgiving. She often overlooks flaws most people wouldn’t.
-Had so little contact with the outside world that she always feels like an outcast.

So what’s the deal with the Sam prism? Will Jeremy (left) win her heart through his patient kindness? Or will Neil (right) finally realize he loves her?

Only an open declaration of love will get Sam to become Neil’s mate, but her own past would endanger his place and Adrian’s dream if the camp found out. So Adrian will try his damnedest to make sure they don’t and still give Samantha the happiness she needs to make her stronger. Because Adrian knows that deep inside, she really wants to be as free as Angela now is. This is a clip of the two women talking about it – Sam finally admitting what she wants.

“He’s very protective.” Sam commented when two more rookies joined the guards below.

Angela kept her voice low. “Good reason to be.” Needing the woman to know she understood, Angela let a bit of her own worries out. “They’re coming soon. We have to help him.”

“I want to, but other than… some forewarnings, I can’t do what you’re doing.”

Angela raised a brow. “Why not? You and I both know there’s more to your…skills, than have been used.”

Sam flushed, but didn’t deny it. “If they find out…” Her whisper was laced with bitterness and longing in equal amounts. “I want it, too, but they’ll burn us. These sheep will panic and we’ll be caught in the stampede.”

“So you worry about getting hurt again?” Angela asked softly, sure she had been through the same hells, and worse.

“No.” Samantha’s voice was broken. “I worry I’ll get these people hurt.”

Angela shrugged. “That’s a worthy argument, but don’t forget to weigh in how much difference we can make when he has all of this in place.”

“I have. And I’m watching, seeing where I can help.”

“Me too. The Eagles are another way to do that, you know.”

Sam snorted, drawing attention again, and her voice lowered. “Me? Just can’t see that happening.”

“But you’ve thought about it or you’d be hiding in a tree somewhere else. Like the rest of us, you’re drawn to it.”

“Yes. I want what you’re building, what he’s about to offer to all the women here.”

“Good. Watch what I have to go through and get ready for it. Jeremy and Neil will help you.”

“And Adrian? Won’t he want to handpick the females who do this?”

“We pick ourselves, Sam. If you want it, grab it. Let him know you’re ready for the chance and he’ll see to it personally.”


Level Five Eagle(4/5/2013), XO of his Team

Not very much is known about Jeremy. By readers, camp members, or the Eagles. Even I only have a vague, shadowy picture. He worked in an office, he had extra money laying around, and he knows how to manipulate things like Adrian. I suspect there’s a lot more to him. (I honestly thought Billy, the pony-tailed blond Eagle on Kyle’s team-would play this role. I also assumed it was all a setup to get Neil and Sam together. As soon as I started writing it, I found out how quickly he fell for her. Maybe he was on the rebound from the death of a mate who looked like Sam. I think that’s very likely.)


Third in Command of Safe Haven(unofficial)

Level Five Eagle, Leader of his Team

His bio can be found here. However, when that bio came out, Sam hadn’t stormed tracked his life yet. Neil expected to be lightly playing with Becky for the next 6 months. After that, if he went through with it, he thought he’d be enjoying the change of age at night and strutting like a rooster during the day. He had no idea the tidal wave was coming.

So what’s with his obsession for young girls? He doesn’t really have one. Todd fear being out of control at all. His mom’s violent history made him sure he has to keep himself in line at all times, always follow the rules. With a young girl, he’ll always have that.

Its only since losing his father in the War and then finding Adrian’s light, that he’s begun to unwind. He fell into the chain of command and secured his place with complete loyalty, but his fear of losing control may endanger it. If he takes Becky as his mate, his own team may vote him out of lead. To keep that from happening, they’ve been watching for signs that he’s drawn to anyone else.

Enter Samantha.

What was it about her that has straight-laced Todd O’Neil bucking his own plans? If not for Angela’s dream, he may have missed her. It could be that she’s special and worthy to be his mate, but I doubt it. I just think they’re supposed to be together. That doesn’t mean fate might not have other plans...

“That hasn’t been revealed yet.”

Next week: Little Becky

"This is Safe Haven Refugee Camp. Can anyone hear me?
Hello? Is anyone out there?"

The Survivors
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