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Life After War Wednesday! An unseen interview by Reporter Cynthia Quest

Cynthia Quest Reporting
June 11th, 2013

Will We be the Last Americans in this Country?

That was some mandatory camp meeting, huh? My brain is still spinning. Talking about leaving our country and sacrificing our little girls really drives in the reality that all Americans are in deep trouble, even those who think they can outlast nature. That sinkhole fiasco almost cost us nine children. The bat attack wiped out a previous generation of elderly that could have continued to pass down wisdom. The sicknesses that hang over this land will come for us eventually, and of course, starvation is always on the horizon. We must face the truth. We are being exterminated. What’s worse? The measures we will take in our vain efforts against the inevitable will change our culture and freedoms long before the apocalypse finishes us off.
What do I mean by that? Look at the meeting choices. We’re about to condone child abuse in order to ensure there are Americans still on this soil seventy years from now. When we do this, we will be forever changed and no amount of rebuilding will allow recovery. Children should not have children.
What alternative do we have? I assume there are more survivors out there. We need them. Let’s encourage new people to join us rather than to ruin the lives of our kids because of what may or may not come in our lifetime. Adrian, our gracious host, doesn’t think we should stay out of the natural order of things, but we’ve all seen and felt what happens when humanity insists of playing God. We get screwed.
Was that meeting a big show, a lie? I’d like to say yes, but I can’t. I did a quiet count during the research for this interview. What I found was almost exactly what we were told. Out of every four people who come to this refugee camp, only one is a female and there is a 30% chance that she will be too old, too young, or too sterile to breed. If those numbers don’t rise, and quickly, we may very well be the last Americans in this country. I would personally like to ask every woman in Safe Haven to get pregnant immediately, but I only found the time to talk to three. Here are our exchanges:

Cynthia: “Thank you for agreeing to talk to me. I’d like to ask you about the new rule of 15 for couples, and if you see yourself having a child anytime soon.
Nancy: “15 works as long as there are evaluations and classes. It stinks that we have to do it, but Americans have been through rough times before. We’ll get through this.”
Cynthia: “And children?”
Nancy: “I’m not sure. My views on kids aren’t good right now. How can I be a mother when I’m not sure if I’ll be alive tomorrow?”
Cynthia: So you don’t see yourself having kids until we reach the mountains?”
Nancy: “If then, honestly. Our safety isn’t carved in that stone. I’d probably wait for the island.”

Cynthia: Thanks for coming. Comfortable?
Tracy: No.
Cynthia: I’ll get right to it, then. As one of the camp…relief sources, have you ever considered settling down and having children?
Tracy: Not until last night. Now, that’s all I’m thinking about.
Cynthia: Why?
Tracy: Well, I like my life, but I love my country. I think I could be a mom, but I have to be an Eagle first, so I can keep the kid alive and cared for it, you know? It’s a rough world out there.
Cynthia: I agree. How do you feel about the age being lowered from 16 to 15?
Tracy: I hate it.
Cynthia: Wow. That’s surprising, considering what you do on your down time.
Tracy: No, it isn’t. Becoming sexually active that young hurt me and ruined the future I could have had. I want the age to be 20.

Cynthia: Sorry to bother you. Can I ask how you feel about last night’s meeting?
Janet: Uneasy.
Cynthia: Uneasy? Why?
We’re changing. We might be leaving. It won’t feel like America soon.
Cynthia: Do you agree with the age line?
Janet: Yes. I was active at 13 and had a happy life with kids and a husband before the war.
Cynthia: “You had children?
Janet: I lost my family on December 23rd.
Cynthia: I’m sorry. Will you have more children at some point?
Janet: Never.
Cynthia: Why not? We need kids.
Janet: I need my sanity more. I couldn’t look at a baby and not be in misery every day over the three boys I lost. They were everything to me.
Cynthia: So you won’t-
Janet: Please excuse me.

As you can see, the women of Safe Haven have different opinions on the new age, but on procreating, they are in complete  agreement. No kids right now and probably not at all. That’s three of three, folks. If the other 34 women who can have kids feel this way, that drops last night’s number down to extinction levels with two generations.
Scared yet?
So am I.

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