Thursday, January 5, 2017

News and Notes for January

News from the Author
There are now updated copies of all 8 current LAW books! Thank you, Betas and Readers who donated their valuable time to help me. I’d also like to say an extra thank you! to Jeanne, Jan, Jeff, and Shawndra, who have never failed to turn in a file. That’s awesome.
Some stores offer these updates and some don’t. If your retailer does not, you can email me ( a copy of your receipt and I’ll send you the replacement PDF or EPUB. Yes, from any online store. I’m sorry that the very first copy you received wasn’t prefect. We’ve been working hard to correct that issue and appreciate your patience more than I can say.
This offer comes directly from the author. It is not valid through the store where you bought my books. They may offer an update, however. Please check your library there. Right now, updated copy replacements from the author are available for:

Book One: The Survivors (now named: The Apocalypse and the Survivors)
Book Two: On The Road (now named Apocalypse Roads)
Book Three: Safe Haven (now named: Safe Haven Refuge)
The Box Set (Books 1-3) (now named Apocalypse Books 1, 2, & 3)
Book Four: Adrian’s Eagles (no name change)
Book Five: From The Ashes (now named Nuclear Ashes)
Book Six: Where We Stand (now named Dystopian Stand)
Book Seven: The Price We Pay (now named: Fight for Survival)
Book Eight: Carved In Stone (now named: Carved in Yellowstone. *Very few changes were made to this file.)
Summary: Free updated copy of the above books, PDF or EPUB direct from author only, when you send me a copy of your receipts for those books from ANY online store.
Subject: Replacement copy

Shattered Dreams(Law book 9) and
Forever Changed (BB book 3)
I fell behind on both of them after a nasty plumbing issue (Whatever you’ve just imagined, multiply it by 3 weeks.) and editing warnings from Amazon. The Betas and I, along with others, had already been working on it, but with the open tickets, I had to step up cleaning the backlist and there simply wasn’t time for anything else. I’m very sorry. I know you’re tired of hearing that, tired of waiting. These two titles have been up for preorder for a while now. They are also the last preorders that my blog and sites will host. I honestly just have too much trouble meeting those deadlines. I can’t force other parts of this process to go faster and I can’t make my own process go quicker, so there really isn’t a solution other than no more preorders on here. You’ll all get future files as soon as they’re ready for release. Anyone who would like a refund on a current preorder need only email me at the above address, no questions asked, and again, I’m very sorry, really. I’ll get both of those books out just as soon as I can. I’m back in business now, I think, and starting Monday, will be devoting all my working hours to the new material again.

A couple of quick notes:

My new website. You can find everything you want there, including links to all the stores, character details, and the interactive features from book 5. (It has all the answers, with links to the 80 pages of hidden scenes that most people didn’t find the answers to access.)

HOP-17: Episode 2 is now live on most stores. Here is the link to my new website, where you can find the retailer you prefer.

The Life After War collection has also been released. It has all of the current books (1-8) and both backstories. 10 books, in one file!

That’s all for now. I hope you have a wonderful week. I’ll be sending out an email to all the subscribers when all of the links are live for the new releases. Thank you for stopping by.
Watch your six.

Free ebook!

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