Thursday, March 3, 2016

Book 9: Shattered Dreams

“Did you really think I left our exit to chance? That I hoped? I love you all more than my own life. I’ll always protect your future.”
“Why didn’t you tell us?” someone shouted.
“I did, repeatedly,” she reminded them. “So did Adrian. You chose to stay.”
“You could have done the bugout preparations openly,” Zack complained.
“If you saw me prepping to leave, would you have given these mountains a fair chance or would you have left and blamed me for it? Would you have always looked back and say I robbed you of a life here? I can’t take that type of hatred and turn it into a thriving, happy settlement on an island or anywhere else. You wanted a break, a chance to stay in America. I had to give it to you.”

Shattered Dreams: Book 9 of the Life After War series.

This file is in the preorder stage. If you grab the copy early, you will be among the first people to receive this when it goes live. Even the big stores come second to personal customers. Places like Amazon and iTunes will get this file weeks or even months after it is ready, due to requirements and timed promotions. You will have it the same day the author approves it! This book will be $5.99 when it is released to the public. The preorder price is $4.99.
Release price: $5.99
Formats: PDF and EPUB
Release Date: 5/2017

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Linda said...

when will this be out ?

Barbara said...

Will I be able to read this on my Kindle?

Laura Mccubbin said...

For the preorder when it says pdf or epub, is epub the same as kindle? Sorry, not familiar with what that is and I really want the next kindle book, I have all the rest and I have to find out what happens next!!

Unknown said...

Epub will work on Kindle or Google Play Books. It will download the same as something purchased from the app store itself.

Megan Rhodes said...

Yes, epubs will work on Kindle and the Play books application. (I'm not sure about Iphones) Basically, it will give you the book as a download and you can choose to download it onto whatever application you use to read. Epub is basically a fancy name for a pdf file that can be used in reading applications like nook, kindle, etc.

Jackie Valrntino said...

When will i be able to order it on amazon I can't wait to get it and have been saving my gift card money to buy it.

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