Paperbacks and Audiobooks


There are three ways:

1.) Buy directly from me and get my autograph on it! For all of 2016, my paperbacks have been reduced by $10 or more!
All orders take 3-6 weeks.
*$3.99 shipping fee added to all orders, plus sales tax.

Autographed paperbacks

2.) Buy from the Createspace store where I publish them. Be sure to check the publication dates to get the most recent copies.

3.) Search on the retailer you like to shop at. Amazon, B&N, and a few others carry the paperback copies of most of my novels.


As of 1/2016, there are only two books from the Life After War series available as audiobooks. Here are those links:

The Survivors
On The Road

If you would like to remind Audible that fans are still waiting for all the others, here is a link to their contact page. It's quick and easy. Just pick 'suggest content' from the dropdown menu and then click the type of message you want to send. Tell them what you want on the next screen and that's it! The more that you ladies and gentlemen bug them, the sooner they'll ask me for the rights to the others.

What if you would like to make an audiobook of one of my titles?

Please email me with the details ( and I'll give you a fair shot. However, the LAW series has to be offered to Audible first. I'm telling you that because I won't break my deal. When I email them, telling them I have an offer, and they choose to grab the rights to that book instead, I won't argue. We have a contract. May I recommend we work on one of my other series? The Bachelor Battles trilogy will be completed in 2016, so it would be a good candidate.

Thank you for reading all that! What else can I help you with today?

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