Thursday, June 9, 2016

Something New for June

Something New
June, 2016
by Angela White

Marc slipped into the trees at the edge of the road, not far from where his vehicle was waiting. He scanned the area and saw dozens of fire engines crawling with yellow clothed men trying to extinguish the fire, but there were no signs of anyone else. Thick smoke blew over the dusty road and he quickly ran toward the street, drawing surprises from the firefighters.
“Hey man!”
“Where did you come from?”
Marc didn’t stop to answer the busy men. They had worked to do and he needed to get out of here.
Marc jogged down the side of the road, darting around wildlife that was still fleeing ahead of the flames. The three walls of fire had merged now to create one long bank of death that was destroying everything in its path. Marc wasn’t even sure he would be able to use this road to get off the mountain.
His worn-out Jeep came into view, causing Marc to increase speed as relief gave him an extra burst of adrenaline. He slid into the driver’s seat, reaching for the keys that he’d left in the ignition.
“Where do you think you’re going?”
Marc froze at the sound of a gun being cocked. He didn’t need to scan the tall, thin figure to know who it was. He had recognized the voice.
“Is the boss’s wife still smiling?” Marc taunted.
The nasty punch took him by surprise, even though he had instigated it. Marc slumped in the seat, dazed from the temple shot. Rough hands pushed him over and slid behind the wheel of his jeep.
Marc struggled to come out of the daze, but another fist slammed into his forehead and everything went dark.

The familiar movement of his jeep in unfamiliar hands brought Marc back to alertness. He’d known someone might be waiting, but he’d been in such a hurry to get out that he’d forgotten to check underneath the vehicle. That was a common place for this type of hunter.
Sucking in a breath against his boiling guts, Marc used his elbow and all of his weight to slam into the driver, neatly shoving the man up and out of the vehicle. Open tops were convenient.
The man hit the ground beside the Jeep and skidded down the incline, screaming as his ankle snapped.
Marc didn’t waste any sympathy. These hunters were as ruthless as they came. Thankfully, they weren’t very smart.
Marc pulled the Jeep onto a wider area of the road, and killed the engine. There were still at least half a dozen men tracking him, and he wasn’t about to lead them back to his hotel room. He would never get to sleep.
Marc exited the vehicle and took up a stationary position in the weeds around the warm jeep. He didn’t think it would be long for someone discovered his new location. He was a prize target in a great place to be taken. No longer protected by his team or society, Marc was just another animal alone in the wilderness. Anything could happen out here. To them. He didn’t plan on mercy. Interrupting his vacation had been a huge mistake. The enemy hadn’t given him time to cool off or relax. They’d come for the civilian. They would get the Marine.
This story will be released on 8/11. Here is a link to the page on my blog where all the store links will be added during release day/week.

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Glenna Edwards said...

I am eagerly awaiting what happens with Marc! I am one of your avid readers and have read everything you have published.
Love and Peace,

Glenna Edwards said...

I can't wait to find out what happens with Marc. And am waiting impatiently.
Peace and Love.. Well survival anyway...

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