Thursday, June 16, 2016

What Book Genres Satisfy You?

Some readers are very strict on their material. They pick one or two genres and stick with them. Over the years, I've noticed this more and more. It is very hard to get someone who reads, say thrillers, to consider horror. Same with romance readers. They love them and seem to prefer little else. Fantasy people even fit this, as they generally pick the same settings or basic plot threads. Same with science fiction readers. Try to get one of them to read a romance. Go on, I dare ya. I've also spotted this trend in movies and music. People generally pick a couple of favorites and then close themselves off to the rest. What about you?

What book genres satisfy you?

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After further observation, I have concluded that people are much more closed-minded than they think they are. I'd love to see a social study covering the differences between inherited biases and biases that come from environmental and social influences. I bet the human race would discover that being biased is inherited. I have little doubt that environmental influences and personal experiences reinforce these traits, but in no way are they the sole product of. People, in general, are biased. They think their way is right, their preferences are right, and refuse to compromise. Would be a very interesting study, though I'm not sure if we can tell the difference yet with our limited technology and understanding of how DNA makes us who we are. We still have a lot to learn, you know?

*I realize this poll went a bit deeper than what I've been putting out there, but I can't tell you how many patterns and connections I see during just one day. I explore the news of other countries as much as my own. I love to study human behavior and after 20+ years of doing that, I've made some ugly conclusions. Occasionally one of them will match up with a poll and land here. Most go into my stories or my personal Fb wall. I believe that information, education, is the key to future peace. If that offends you, please ask yourself why.

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