Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Law D #25 - An Interview with Neil -Third in Command, between Killing and Chasing Skirts

Cynthia Quest Reporting

Because of our lack of common ground, this will be a fast interview, I’m sure. I don’t expect to get real answers from Adrian’s pet, but I’m determined to try.


“Why didn’t you or Kyle drive Kenn out of camp and put a bullet in his head like the rest?”

Neil’s tone was hard. His ass wasn’t even in the chair yet. “Because Adrian didn’t want us to. Why do you ask questions you already know the answer to?”

Cynthia frowned, wishing she could ask the real questions, the ones that might get Adrian removed from power. “Do you feel guilty for all the murders you’ve committed since becoming an Eagle?”

“I haven’t committed any murders.”

“But you’ve killed…”

“There’s a big difference between the two.”

Cynthia still didn’t understand it, and the trooper made no attempts to enlighten her. Unless hell froze over, Cynthia would always be a sheep. There was no reason to waste time on her.

“Is there anything you wouldn’t do for our fearless leader?”

“No. Again, you’re clear on that. What are you digging for?”

“Don’t you think the hits you’ve delivered to our female Eagles were the same as what Kenn did?”

Flashing to the Boss man’s words, Neil let out a grunt. “Sometimes, I worry, the same as every other Eagle. It won’t stop us, but it will make us more careful with our teammates, something we can’t have too much of.”

Hoping for more of that honesty, Cynthia pushed forward. “Why did you really support Angela becoming an Eagle? Was it to spite Kenn?”

Neil grinned. “As much as I’d like to say yes, it wasn’t. It was for Adrian, and then for her, because she’s earning it.”

The reporter shoved now, eager to get what she could while his good mood lasted. “Are you still interested in Little Becky?”

“We’re friends.”

“That’s it?”


“Are you and Samantha an official couple? Are you dating?”

“No, to both.”

“What would she say to those questions?”

“The same, only with cursing.”

“How does it feel to know you sacrificed Jeremy’s friendship for a woman?”

Neil stood up, not answering.

Cynthia hid a smirk. Obviously, it didn’t feel good.


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