Wednesday, December 5, 2012

LAW D #24 - Profile - Jeremy

Not very much is known about Jeremy. By readers, camp members, or the Eagles. Even I only have a vague, shadowy picture. He worked in an office, he had extra money lying around, and he knows how to manipulate things, like Adrian. I suspect there’s a lot more to him.

I honestly thought Billy, the pony-tailed blond Eagle on Kyle’s team-would play this role. I also assumed it was all a setup to get Neil and Sam together. As soon as I started writing it, I found out how quickly he fell for her.

Jeremy lost the love of his life during a skiing accident in the mountains. He has never forgiven himself. The lift malfunctioned, dumping them all out half way up the trail. Twelve people died that day. His outspoken, tough, blonde fiancé had been one of them.

After the accident, Jeremy lost most of his compassion, burying it to avoid the pain. It is unlikely he’s faced it yet, though some people never do come to term with the things that haunt them. We can only wait and watch, and hope for the best. It really wasn’t his fault, even though he’d been rocking the seat and causing a disturbance. The inspectors afterward stated the equipment was rusted-through in places, and that his goofing around hadn’t caused the loss of life.

Did Jeremy believe the report? That’s hard to say.

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