Friday, April 13, 2012

Morning Star Ethos- A Guest Post by Desiree Finkbeiner

  It started with a mushroom, from another world... never before touched by a human hand, until Brianna... but life continued as normal... until a near fatal accident almost a decade later, reveals to Brianna... she's... different...

Unexplained lab results, unusually fast healing, and recent sightings of Jurassic sized dragonflies... What is happening to her?

When a peculiar man delivers her from a violent assault, she becomes enchanted by his heroism and inhuman abilities. Her rescuer, Kalen, is sworn to protect the powerful secret she has yet to realize, from an ancient foe with evil designs...

With the secret exposed, our world is no longer safe. Kalen takes Brianna to Ethos, his home, unprepared for what happens next... An ancient prophecy unfolds and they must make a choice... Give into their forbidden love, or sacrifice their heart's desire for a chance to save their worlds.

Excerpt from Morning Star Ethos

I half expected to see a dignified woman in white, like the one I had seen on the screen at the scan center but what I saw when the blindfold came off was so breath taking that I couldn't utter a sound. Kalen hadn't prepared me for the beauty that stood before me. A massive, purple dragonfly queen with crystalline wings of swirling color and large golden-green eyes like gemstones cut into rare jewels. Her body was long and slender; ten or fifteen feet long with smooth legs of black slicked by an iridescent purple sheen over the top. She watched me intently, waiting to judge my reaction. My eyes widened with amazement and my mouth dropped open into a gigantic smile, as big as a child receiving a long awaited surprise.

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