Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Plea to Palos (Dark Fantasy Tuesday)

Oh great rock, up in the sky,
Planning to hit humankind in the eye,
Why must you come here,
Threatening all I hold dear?

Oh giant stone, up in space,
Hoping to land on the human race
We know you're coming,
And we're down here running
I wonder what will be your taste
Will it be cold, death's kiss
Or will I see all the people I've missed?

Oh merciless boulder, speeding through the stars
Damn it, are you there, by mars?
On your way to destroy my planet
Do you covet our cars and minibars,
Or have we lost the right to live?
Oh, what judgement you give!

Oh enormous disaster set to happen in 2039
Will I survive your devastation,
And strive to rebuild my nation?
The end is near
Will man still be here?
Unlikely, I fear
I'll miss me

Oh heartless asteroid, spinning closer
Each day, a roller coaster
Can't you move out of the way?
Why must you make My planet pay?
There are thousands of other races
Why mine?

Oh heartless weapon of mass destruction
Will I see your arrival,
And watch the end of man's survival?
Am I safe in my room?

Oh ancient harbinger of doom,
Can I assume its over,
And give those I don't like the cold shoulder?
Or is it a bad time to seek vengeance?

Oh cosmic remnant, knocked off your axis
Why must you sack us?
We've done little harm yet to space
Why must we die?
Can’t you just try,
To miss me on your stop here?

Oh, great Palos, due in a few years
Will you bring the end of life,
Or is it okay to breathe?
Since I have this uncontrollable need
To survive, to remain alive
Mercy, I plea!
Let me and mine be!

This could come true. Palos really exists. It will pass very close to Earth and if it hits a ‘keyhole’, will be pulled into our gravity and impact the Southern hemisphere.

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