Sunday, September 18, 2011

End World (Story Sunday)

The heavily armored platoon of soldiers moved in for the kill just as a dim daylight was breaking over the war-torn planet, surrounding the small group of aliens hiding in the dank sewers beneath the burned out city.

Led by an old warhorse Sergeant and a ruthless General with green eyes so pale they appeared transparent. They came through the tunnels like a swarm, breaking large holes in the concrete to get to the people

“Use the darts!” Donre shouted, seeing many of their intended captives falling to gunfire.

“We want them alive!” The Sergeant backed him up and they both ducked as a blast of fire was hurled their way, slamming into the cold stone above their heads.

Soldiers were falling all around them, being killed by the small group that only had three real fighters, their desperation lending them strength. Knives flashed, dart guns fired, flames flew through the air, and yet there were no screams, no pleas for mercy, only orders and grunts of death.

“Get the red heads!” Donre shouted from behind the safety of the Sergeants plentiful men. “Don’t miss one!”

“They keep getting back up!”

“Then up the dose!”

The men hurried to obey and soon it was only the fighters and the soldiers exchanging darts and flames. Donre nodded as the last of the warriors, a huge man with bright red hair, was hit with another dart and went heavily to his knees. It had only been a few minutes and they had another 17 captives. It was a good half hour’s haul.

As things settled down, the Sergeant reported in. “We have four escapes.

They’re being chased but I lost half my damn squad!”

The Sergeant was pissed. He had been with these men for a long time and Donre turned to look at him. “You think we should have waited topside for them to come out?”

The thin man’s eyes were bitter as he nodded, wondering how he’d tell their families he’d gotten their men killed. “Yes. Our losses would have been much lower if we hadn’t listened to your spy.”

The tall, pale General shrugged, tone casual as he watched the soldiers carefully carry the prisoners, obviously shaken up by how much damage only 3 of the dreaded ‘Aliens’ had done. Weak.

“They had to die sometime. Why not in service to the great country that no longer exists?”

The tone was mocking, baiting, and the career man watched the bodies get hesitantly slung over shoulders, frowning. Alien bodies. His soldiers might get picked up later. Might.

“That include you and me?”

The General’s smile was colder than the wind whipping passed them. “Your loyalty’s are not mine.”Then why do you fight with us?”

The Officer turned those pale, unreadable eyes on him and the life long soldier felt threatened by another male for the first time in many years.

“I watch for someone.” He said finally.

“One of them?”

Donre’s lips twisted. “The Alpha isn’t just one of them. He’s the sum of all of them.”

“How do you know he’ll come here? Base says they’re scattered all over.” Donre’s eyes darkened with plans he’d begun a long time ago. “Because I’ve laid a trap. Blinded by youth, calculate betrayals follow.” His grin and age lined face was scared, ugly. “Calculated betrayer, Sergeant. That’s me.”

His green eyes glowed with ruthless satisfaction and he pulled up his hood. “We’ll come back after we drop these at Santa Quarry Detention center. Snake says there’s another group under the old Military installation near here. We’ll hit them next.”

Both men looked up in surprise as not one, but two gray, diamond shaped ships flew out of the green haze, streaking towards them.

“Isn’t this whole planet a no fly zone?”

Donre nodded, watching the second, bigger aircraft gain on the first, firing wildly. The ships bumped, banged, and then they were directly overhead and the soldiers around him started raising their guns.

“Hold your fire!” Donre ordered, turning to the radio man. “Call area 51. Tell them to shoot both and I don’t give a slam about our deal with the Merc.’s. Bring them down!”

The young Captain nodded, fingers working the buttons as the others frowned at the order, exchanging looks. The Sergeant was scowling openly, voice full of disapproval.

“We have rockets. We could have done it.”

“Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Besides…” Donre shook his head, watching the ships fade into the thick layer of haze that hung over the planet constantly since the war. What was it he felt from that first, smaller ship?

“Yours is not to question.”

Clearly, the man wanted to push but he knew better and the soldier turned away before his mouth could betray him, listening to their communications man relay orders as the rest of the captives were loaded.

The General lingered a moment despite the urge to hurry, pale eyes thoughtful as he fingered the long, gray and black beard hanging down the front of his flowing black robes. Had he felt something? A tiny wave of energy? Furyan energy? He smiled harshly.

“Soon.” He stated icily, turning toward the waiting trucks. “I’ll have what was promised to me.”

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