Thursday, May 12, 2016

Something New by Angela White

Life After War: Book nine
Shattered Dreams

“You think this will work?”
Marc shrugged, returning to the driver’s seat without answering Neil’s quiet query. He doubted anything or anyone could change Angie’s mind and that included Adrian. She was the most stubborn person he’d ever known, but he didn’t assume she was doing this for attention. Losing the baby hadn’t been planned. He knew that by her reaction. If she’d planned it, she would have also had something waiting for her pain afterwards. Right now, she was eaten up with remorse and anger at herself. Both his demon and hers had warned him that she was obsessing over it, constantly replaying the fight with Vlad that had cost her so much. Besides the obvious not eating well or sleeping much, and the nasty attitude she’d developed, there was the crying every night. It killed him to roll over and find fresh tears, but the ones dried to her face each morning were enough to break him. She started and finished every day the same way now-tearing herself apart for the choices-and Marc was hoping time alone with Adrian would at least remind her that she still had duties to perform. If she went on like this much longer, the camp would call a leadership vote.
That’s what she wants, Adrian sent through the private channel that he and Marc had labored on for the last weeks. Maybe we should let it happen…
Hearing Adrian doubt his own plans sent fury through Marc and he mentally snarled, Put her back to work!
Yes, boss, Adrian retorted snidely. He didn’t send his next thought and Marc was glad. Leaving Angie here, alone with his rival, was a bitter pill to swallow.
We never had to be rivals, Adrian reminded him tiredly. And then slammed the door to break their connection, telling Marc he wouldn’t have any contact with Angie while she was in the cave. A bit of payback for how being banished had felt.
Marc gritted his teeth and led the convoy toward the meeting place that Kyle’s Special Forces team had already secured. He had his job to distract him, thankfully, but it wouldn’t always be this way. Something would give or break with Adrian before they fled the mountains. He’d had enough of living this way. Big changes were coming.

Book 9: Shattered Dreams

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