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LAW Day #22 - Candid Q&A with Author Angela White

Welcome to the hot seat. Lol. Ready?

You know it.

Good. Here we go. First, why do you have a pen name? Do you have more than one?

Funny you should ask. I have 2 that I write under. One, very new,  is not so well known. I prefer it to stay that way for now. I’ll tell you why some other time.

Why do I use pen names? Because it’s fun, of course. And because my real name is boring. That’s my other life. This one is so surreal some days that it deserves its own name.


Are you a racist? Many reviewers have called you that.

Lol. That’s not all I’ve been called. I assume because two of my bad guys in the series are black/Mexican, that’s where it comes from. However, I have more than 5 white bad guys in this series as well, so I’m not sure. It’s never been about race for me, only survival. My true fans understand that, and its good enough.


What about the gay population? You hate them, right?

Again, not sure how they pull that in. I think maybe they expected my hero to solve all the world’s problems with a few hundred pages, but I don’t write shallow shit like that. I’ll get to it in my own good time, and if I lose readers who don’t understand what Adrian’s building, well, frankly, those are sheep and I don’t care quite as deeply as that infamous leader would.


How much of this story comes from personal experience instead of fiction?

Probably about 1/3 of every book is influenced/flavored by the author’s life experiences. Mine are no different in that regard. Some people, for instance, just scream to be immortalized in one way or another.


Can you tell us about one of them? Your choice.

I have a relative, a non-blood cousin, who is evil. I doubt he means to be, but the fact is, he lusts after everything he can’t have and takes them without thought of right or wrong. It’s landed him in jail, and made no difference. He refuses to change, to even entertain the thought of not being so wild and rebellious to even normal rules. You could beat him over the head with bricks and he’d tell you it feels good, while holding handfuls of blood. The background there has never been clear, but I have little doubt it was ugly.

That’s where Rick came from.


Real people like that for all the characters?

Most of them, yes. Shhhh…

Are you really planning for the LAW series and the Alexa’s Travels series, to cross at some point? How, without ruining either of them?

Very carefully.

You laugh, but I know.

I have every intention of bringing these two stories together for one hell of a climax. The kind that leaves you shuddering and not sure you should try standing up.

Your Bachelor Battles are pretty graphic. Shouldn’t it be labeled as erotica?

As long as my Beta Readers don’t think so, no. I have a wonderful group of 25 men and women who won’t hesitate to tell me when I’ve gone too far.

You have 2 ongoing series now, and a trilogy that’s almost complete. Don’t you ever write stand-alone books? Does everything have to be dragged out so long?

Pft. Long was waiting fifteen years for S. King’s Dark Tower series. I turn out an average of 4 books a year. That’s pretty good considering they’re all over 500 pages!

Honestly, they write themselves when it’s flowing. I don’t sit down and go – “Okay, let’s write that book today! I go – “Um, what the hell’s in there today that wants to come to life?” Whatever answers, is what goes on paper. I can’t force it. If I did, it would suck and you’d all be reading someone else’s interview.


There are a lot of teenage girls in your stories, and most of them seem to be pregnant by or lusted after by old men. Why is that?

Because it’s true of life. Don’t think so? Look on ANY city street. You’ll see babies pushing babies, and older men watching them in longing.

That’s a part of my books that draws the critics. They hate the truth, and that’s what I deliver. Like it or not, ugliness exists in this world.


Well, I think we’ve covered everything, but let me check my notes. I gathered most of them from reviews, but honestly, I loved both series. PA fiction has always been one of my favorites. I’m looking forward to the Bachelor Battles ending. When can we expect that or book five, from the Ashes?

February for from the Ashes. Maybe as soon as December for The Network.


Wait, I did miss something - … is Adrian trying to steal Angela from Brady? Will he succeed? Come on, you can tell us!

Steal? No. Adrian doesn’t do that. Does he yearn for her, ache to kiss her, hold her? Of course. Perhaps his infatuation will fade as more of the stronger women in Safe Haven start stepping forward.


Thank you for sharing with us. Is there anything you’d like to say before we go?

Yes. It’s been a pleasure. Thank you for hosting me.


You’re very welcome. I’m sure we’ll invite you back. Maybe you can stop by here on your release tour for book five.

That sounds good. I’ll add it to the stops. Bye now!

"This is Safe Haven Refugee Camp. Can anyone hear me?
Hello? Is anyone out there?"

The Survivors
*Free on all retailers

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