Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dear Red, White, & Blue

Dear red, white, and blue
Is there still hope for you
I wonder

Perhaps with someone in power
Who slaves by the hour
to remain true

A person of dignity
Who's not a give-me
or quota-fill

No reek of greed
No corruptive seed
growing unchecked

A leader who can inspire
Who raises people higher
than themselves

A soul with grace
Not colored by race
of any kind

A take-charge warrior
An environmental voyeur
who loves this planet

A Hero to lead
With only one creed:

Where do we find such belief
When do we get the relief
of being loved in return

We'd die for the President
Would he pay the same rent
of course not

Your sacrifice we don't require
we serve willingly sire
If you're worthy
If you'll get you hand a bit dirty
to further our lives
and enrich our minds
To earn our trust
It's all or bust
and always
America first

"A Hero with enough strength, enough hope, to give us back some of what was stolen."

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