Thursday, February 25, 2016

What are you sick of finding in ebooks?

Inquiring minds want to know...
What are you tired of finding in ebooks?

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Book Tidbit
It takes the average author (no such thing, imao) a year to write and be satisfied with a 500 page book. An entire year on one project. Why so long? That's crazy. Writers are known as 'flighty' or 'easily distracted' for only releasing one novel every 365 days, but consider this:
A shopping list (1 page) takes roughly 15 minutes for someone going to the market and that is usually half a page with 1-3 words per line, for a total of 50-75 words. Now compare that with the last book you enjoyed. There are roughly 300 words per page. We have to multiply the grocery list by 4 to equal the amount of time spent on one page. Yes, you read that correctly. it can take an hour for an author to write just 1 page, or 300 words. That's why you have to wait so long for the next title in the series.
Wisdom of the Week
If the majority of people agree on something, does that make it a fact? After all, pier reviews are much the same thing and they've been forming science as we understand it since science began forming. If any of those piers weren't honest, imagine the unbelievable bullshit that people might actually think is true or good.
...perhaps that explains how Common Core is still persisting despite our attempts to 'lawsuit' it into submission.

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