Thursday, January 14, 2016

Something New by Angela White

This is part of what I’ve been working on this week. I hope you enjoy the preview, and please don’t forget to grab your preorder of this title while it is on sale! The price will go up when this new book goes live.
Waving at you,
Marc and Angie
A Life After War Backstory
Our reunions are what I remember the clearest, especially the one in ‘97. We’d been apart for seven months. My fourteenth birthday had been our goodbye.
I waited with nervous excitement for him to arrive. Brady had been home for a week, but this was his first chance to sneak away and I was already in the first our many meeting places. Had he missed me as much as I had him? Would he still like me? I’d grown up again while he was away, now a full-bodied teenager with the curse and everything. I was so worried over his reaction that I didn’t hear the steps behind me.
“I want to talk to you!”
Jeanie’s voice was startlingly loud in the cornfield clearing and I turned awkwardly, ready to run or fight as needed.
“You listen!” Jeanie ordered, hands on her slender hips.
“What?” I snarled. My Brady had kissed this girl, had loved her with his body. I knew now that he’d been thinking about me, but my jealousy was powerful.
“I want you to leave him alone.”
The demand made me furious, but I held my sharp tongue to let her have her say.
“He belongs with me, not some mutt! Get out of his life or I’ll tell Mother Brady everything. She’ll put a stop to it right quick.”
It didn’t matter that Jeanie was right, that I had no claim to him. He was mine.
“No,” I answered, falling into that dangerous place where the witch helped me handle the situation. “She can’t get rid of me. Even if we were two planets apart, Marcus Brady would still be mine.”
Jeanie’s eyes filled with horrified triumph and I realized too late that she’d tricked me into confirming it. What would she do?
She’ll tell, the witch whispered smugly. Close her mouth.
Before I knew it, I was swinging at the senior, attacking without warning like Marc had tried to teach me. I’d been too scared then, but now, I was eager.

It was my nightmare, seeing them talking and my guts had twisted at Jeanie’s vicious words. Time was up. We had to go now, today. I wanted to start planning it, but then Angie hit Jeanie!
It was nasty and rocked Jeanie’s blonde head back to make her stagger. She fell on her butt, holding her bleeding lip.
“You will not tell!” Angie shouted, leaning down into Jeanie’s face. A hard shake and a shove put my winy girlfriend on her back on the ground and I gaped, shocked.
“It’ll take Mother Brady time to get rid of me and I’ll spend it hunting you!”
A mean kick to the ribs made me wince, remembering my own injury.
“And break up with him!”  Angie ordered. “Do it tonight or I’ll be at your door come morning.”
Another kick curled Jeanie into a crying ball and I finally remembered that I was standing in plain view. All they had to do was turn a little.
“You go it?”
“Yes, you evil witch! Get outta my head!”
That froze me again. Angie was using her gift!
“Say it!”
Angie drew back to hit her and Jeanie scrambled away. “I won’t tell and I’ll break up with him!”
“Oww! I will!”
The noise that I hadn’t noticed before now glared at me in the silence as Angie continued to intimidate my much older girlfriend. It sounded like an engine but I knew it for what it was: the hum of raw power.
“I won’t! I swear!”
The look on Angie’s face worried me. It wasn’t the girl I loved, but the inside creature that sometimes glared at me from those empty eyes and it wasn’t Angie’s voice that came from those lips.
“No matter where you go, Jeanette Lynn Shaffer. No matter where.”
That girl no longer looked like my nineteen-year-old intern girlfriend that I reluctantly spent time with because of my controlling parent. This was only a quivering soul that my Angie had terrified.
Listening to the instinct that proclaimed me male, I slipped behind the nearest tree and viewed the aftermath.

Marc and Angie
A Life After War Backstory

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Book lover said...

Another cant wait read! Anticipation is usually a great thing but Angie and Marc too good to wait for. My favorite couple starting is something I haven't dreamed of yet will fill my dreams ��. I just finished the entire series in anticipation of Carved in Stone and find another jewel coming my way. You are soooo good to us. Many thanks for the hours of intense story telling you've gifted to me. The pleasure has been all mine! Hugs to all of Safe Haven and mostly you! Holly

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