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Marc and Angie

Raised in the same loveless family, Marc and Angie exist on stolen moments that sometimes come years apart. Forbidden by more than just their ages, they are forced to pretend a cool indifference during the day while longing desperately for the future to set them free.

At 12, Marc Brady was only 4 years from freedom. Four summers of labor, proceeded by four winters of isolation, and then he would leave his strict home and join the family business. Four years to endure in a loveless home where his very identity has been erased. Almost free…

At 8, Angie was a decade from freedom. Ten more years of abuse and neglect. Another decade of being alone in a family that must never discover how different she really is. What a hard, cold future waited for her…

Repeatedly torn apart, their forbidden friendship forged a bond that even twenty years couldn’t break. I give you Marc and Angie, the backstory, but be warned. This is not a romance. This doesn’t have a happy ending. This is the upbringing, the striking childhood of two Life After War characters before they are reunited to find their missing son after a nuclear war. They are Marc and Angie, and the year is 1990.

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Shattered Dreams

Life After War: Book Nine
A home. Walls and floors. No more traveling or trying to outrun nature. A life that resembled what we lost. Peace and the pursuit of happiness. Dreams that held us through the nightmares… Shattered against the stone.
"The refugees swept across the country, fleeing from decay and Yellowstone’s relentless wrath. Innocent and corrupt alike, they arrived at our gates with illnesses we couldn’t treat, with crimes on their hands that we wouldn’t condone. They surrounded us with their misery, ramming our security with trucks and waves of gunfire. Even the innocent ones took all we had to give, begging until we had nothing left for ourselves, but still we tried to help them. We brought vast numbers inside, only to be betrayed. Our customs were shunned, our kindness was mocked and our fragile settlement began to crumble. That’s when then things got ugly.” –Samantha Moore, SH Council
Surrounded by desperate dangers, Safe Haven must now make the hardest choice in any apocalypse: Do they stay and fight for their mountain shelter or do they run and try to be grateful that they have their lives?
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HOP-17: Human Origins Program
“Hop-17 is a failure. There were no signs of Origin, other than what we had previously documented on other experimental worlds. Though this planet maintained isolated eras of peace through its history, the inhabitants now exist in a constant state of warfare. The true nature of humanity has once again smothered all hopes of an enlightened society forming. None of the religions implanted here were successful, but the field was contaminated by piloting errors, rebels to the Federation, and space criminals who abducted the inhabitants for their own experiments. Most of the technological and medical advances on this world have been attributed to extraterrestrial influences. During the last cycle of our Congressional voting, Earth was officially scheduled for A.R. The asteroid that these so-called Earthlings named Apophis will be employed for this duty. You are the last Learners who will ever have this view.”
HOP-17, a new human origins series by author Angela White
Where do humans come from? Does life have a creator? The origin of species is an age-old question of god vs. science formed a program where mating pairs were wiped of their memories and dropped onto isolated worlds in an attempts to prove or disprove that god exists. Over eons, the failed experiments have been destroyed with asteroids before the planet’s population became aware of the space colony running the awful tests.
But HOP-17 is different. Set for removal during a time of great chaos among the Federation Council, earth will be the catalyst that reveals the true origins of mankind. The weight of countless worlds rests on the shoulders of one Federation Council heir, but she isn’t prepared for the sacrifices she’ll have to make during her space quest to expose the truth.
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Marc and Dog: Quest for Survival
Dog is running for his life. Wrongly blamed after a child was taken by a different wolf pack, he went deep into the wilderness to avoid human hunters. The last thing he wanted was to be shoved into someone else’s flight for safety.
Marcus Brady is a Marine Sniper, just returned from a long deployment that did little to boost his faith in humanity. He prefers to spend his home time in parks and forests, avoiding people, but barely a day passes before the Corporal is ambushed and forced to use the skills he has developed over five years in the Corps. Except, this time, instead of a gritty fire team or squad of armed Marines fighting alongside, his backup is a lethal wolf that likes to attack while his back is turned. If Marc can’t make friends, it may cost both their lives.
Marc and Dog. Grab your copy today!
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