Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sex Scenes in Books: How much detail?

I sometimes receive reviews that mention how graphic the sex scenes are in my novels. Not all of them are bad comments, but it did lead me to do some more research. I found that a lot of readers are expressing this sentiment right now. However, roughly six years ago, most reviewers were saying books couldn't get 'dirty' enough if the chemistry between the characters was hot (Explains the 50 Shades fad, right?). Perhaps the tide has shifted again. Let's find out.
How do you feel about sex in books? For you, when is enough, enough?
(Feel free to comment and share.)

Sex Scenes in Books: How much detail? free polls

Today's Book Tidbit:
Bookbub has 2 new features!
First, you can 'follow' authors and be notified whenever they have a deal available, even if that particular author isn't in any of your chosen email categories. Here is a link to the Bookbub page with all the details and easy-to-follow instructions.
Second is Bookmarks. It was released very recently. Here is a link to the details page on it.

Wisdom of the week:
If I'm supposed to 'stay frosty' upon leaving someone's home, 'no sweat' is absolutely a proper response, even during summer. Both sayings make equal sense and cancel each other out.

Merry Christmas, World! Stay frosty...


sollos codex said...

Re: "sex" scenes. I felt the scenes between Angela & Brady were relevant to the story line. The sexual violence against women is all too true. I did not think any of the sex was gratis. You can't go wrong when it's relevant to the story line.

Casey Wright said...

You've put just the right amount of sex in your books. We know it happens but it's not too graphic. Your stories are more than a romance between one couple. I can always skim over sex scenes if it makes me uncomfortable.

I would like to know more about what techniques they use to survive, for instance how to purify water, grow food in trucks,, and where do they get all the supplies. I'd also like to know more back stories of characters; how they survived the war and met up to the group.

I bought the series on Amazon and I was irritated by the many misspellings. Is there a way to let you know of corrections so they can produce corrections? For instance, rouge (blush type makeup) was used instead or rogue. It's a small thing, but it instantly made me see these bad characters in drag and ruined the image you intended.

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