Friday, October 14, 2011

2012, My Apocalyptic View- (Guest Post-Win a $10 Amazon Everything card!)

2012! Will it come? Is this the End? I have a plan that when this fated month arrives, I am going to throw a party. The theme: It’s the End of the World---wear what you want, eat what you want, and all confessions legal.

But how? How will it come? What will happen? Being that I am a nurse and an author, I draw from my experiences in the real world. I used to work in an Intensive Care Unit. There were days that people would come in with illnesses that could never be explained. We did everything we possibly could to save them. We ran every test, did every scan and more. These people would mysteriously die: Cause of death: Unknown.
My views on the Apocalypse are simple. If it ever comes, it will be in the form of a VIRUS!

Believe me when I say that many medical institutions are taking this possibility very seriously. I have personally participated in drills. Supplies are being gathered and protocols devised. This scenario is a very REAL possibility, but take comfort in the fact that they are preparing. All I can say is this: Wash your hands!

Laura was born and raised in Scotland and moved to the US in her pre-teens. She loves having a cup of tea while writing and is an avid camper and hiker.

In college she spent two years writing poetry and didn't discover that she loved writing longer works till her late 20's.

She is currently working on a psycho-thriller, a book of poems and another children's book.


To Win, email me the very last sentence of Laura's book, Delivered To Eternity!, subject; Contest Answer.

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