Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sneak Peek of Book 9

Hello! Next week, there will be 2 releases. I’m sorry that Marc and Dog wasn’t ready for you today. This time next week, you will have it. After the beta readers went through the file, I felt that I needed to tighten a few areas. Please excuse the delay. I just want it to be worth reading, you know?
To my wonderful betas and fact checkers: You ladies and gents did an amazing job in a short time. I’m deeply grateful. When the Createspace file goes live, I’ll be contacting all of you for an address to send your free autographed paperback!

This is what I was working on last month. Hope you enjoy the sneak peek!
Shattered Dreams
“Angie?” Marc tapped lightly on the truck window. “We’re ready to roll.”
Angela groggily fumbled for the lock button to open the door. She’d followed his instructions.
Marc tried to smile at her. She looked rough. “You did well.”
Angela leaned back against the seat, not feeling much physically or emotionally. Everything was just blurry.
Marc climbed into the driver’s seat as her guards went to their vehicles. After Angela’s show of force, the meal had been very peaceful, with the new descendants eating three times as much as the Eagles.
“Good,” Angela murmured.
There’s a flash of soul, Marc thought. She’s glad they’re getting a great meal, and that their people won’t starve this week.
Angela turned her head away so that Marc couldn’t see her expression. She had a few more miles before they would be out of Eva’s range. Not that the train leader was still scanning. Eva and her convoy were hightailing it back to their shelter as fast as they could. Eva was scared for her life.
She should be, Jennifer sent. I want to go after her.
Angela pretended to considered it. But we just made an agreement. How would you justify that?
She is a dangerous threat to every American. She needs to be removed.
I agree, but we cannot remove them all. Let her be. If she sticks to her word, so will I.
Unable to take much more of this farce, Angela dropped her shields and let the grayness claim her. In here, her mind was protected by the fog.
Marc approved the choice. Eva might not be scanning Angela, but he was. Eva didn’t know her the way that he did.
Let her be! Jennifer snapped, causing Marc to flinch at the accompanying sting. She needs peace. Another argument about your lost child will NOT help.
Marc snapped down on a nasty reply. Jennifer was right. It was done. There was no going back, and accusations would only make things worse.
Angela sighed in relief, glad for the comfort of the fog, but even more grateful for Jennifer’s loyalty. She didn’t know if the teen was playing a perfect role or if her timing was just great, but it allowed Angela to sink the rest of the way into the darkness to sleep.
Marc slowly shifted so that her head lolled against his shoulder and stayed there, supported.
“I got your back, baby-cakes. I always will, even when I don’t agree with you.”

Book 9: Shattered Dreams
Coming 2016-2017
800+ pages
Preorder price: $4.99
Have a wonderful weekend!

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