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November News, Notes, and Something New!

Preorders and release dates
Carved In Stone: Book Eight-
$4.99 preorder price. When released, it will be $5.99.
Release Date: 12/20/2015
Read a sample:

Marc and Angie: A Life After War Backstory.
$3.99 preorder price. When released, it will be $4.99.
Release Date: 1/31/2016.
Read a sample:

Bachelor Battles Three-Forever Changed-
$3.99 preorder price. When released, it will be $4.99.
Release Date: 4/15/2016
Get more details here:

Books that have been redone
These titles have been rewritten, reedited, reformatted, and refilled with small details and explanations to help make some of the more complex details understandable. On average, 25-40 pages were added to each title during this process. They were also given new covers. To get an updated copy of the free ebooks, just delete them from your device and redownload them. For the paid books, you’ll have to purchase a new copy, or wait for Amazon to post an ‘update’ button next to the tile in your Kindle library. I’ve already emailed them about it.
The Survivors
On The Road
Safe Haven
Adrian’s Eagles
From The Ashes
The Change
Changeling Winds.
Print copies available
If you don’t see a title on the list below, it’s because I haven’t rewritten/reedited that one yet. Please be patient.
Life After War:
Life After War: Books 1-3

Adrian’s Eagles: Book Four

From The Ashes: Book Five

The Bachelor Battles:
The Change

Changeling Winds:

Beta Reader Test
Please click the tab at the top of this blog, titled: Become a Beta Reader, and follow the instructions. Good luck, and thank you!

Great Formatter in need of clients
I respect my clients’ privacy and anonymity; I never write and tell! My non-fiction work has appeared on sites such as The Huffington Post, The New York Times, and Forbes. My fiction projects have included everything from a short story about a risque encounter at an airport to a novella about werewolves in 10th century France.
My writing style is very flexible, and I endeavor to turn in clean copy that requires a minimum of editing or proofreading.
You can hire me for:
  • Ghostblogging and Content Marketing
  • Fiction and Non-Fiction Ghostwriting Projects
  • Book Proposals and Queries
  • Book Doctoring/Developmental Editing
  • eBook and Print Book Design for Publishing on Amazon KDP, Createspace, and Other Platforms
If you’d like to discuss a project or request a quote, please feel free to contact me at I look forward to hearing from you!

Something New!

“Sam? Honey? You have to wake up now.”

Samantha responded to the urgency, lids snapping open.

Around her, papers, dishes, and gear dropped to the floor with a loud crash.

Neil rubbed a gentle hand over her furrowed brow. “It’s okay. Go back to sleep, now.”

Sam groaned, realizing what had happened. “I’m sorry.”

“No worries,” Jeremy stated from her feet. He’d already begun to clean up. “Just get a little more sleep while you can.”

Sam wanted to help take care of the mess, but her rolling stomach said she had more urgent needs. “I’ll be back.”

She ducked from the tent, almost running to the bathroom.

Neil followed, waiting while she retched. He was hoping the disruption of the dream was all that had upset her stomach. He didn’t understand much about descendants and even less about pregnancy.

Neil held out the wipes when she emerged and they walked to the smoldering fire can as she cleaned her face and hands. The towels flamed up the instant they hit the red wood in the bottom of the can, bathing them both in fire glow.

Sam felt Neil’s hot gaze, but all she wanted was to brush her teeth and she moved around him to take care of that. Afterwards, she needed to eat so her stomach would settle down.

A sharp pain lanced through her side and Sam winced, but kept going. She’d had a few of those, but didn’t want to alarm her men. The doctor had her scheduled for a visit and she would tell him everything then.

Neil’s lips disappeared into his scowl, but he managed to keep from nagging her when she vanished into the tent only to come right back out, kit in hand. He trailed her to the showers, annoyed with her and himself. He would have to find a better way to wake her from her nightmares. Flying objects were dangerous, but so was this sudden alertness.

Neil stayed outside the door, approving of the heavy security that Marc was almost finished with. The guns on the QZ tower wouldn’t be liked by all of their camp, but Neil was betting the boss would be pleased.

Neil gazed through the shadowy flickers around them, not spotting any camp members up this early and he wondered if the mess had food going yet. If Sam wasn’t going to sleep, he could at least get her to eat.

Neil was pleased when Samantha came from the shower and headed exactly where he wanted her to. He finally spotted someone else moving. The large shadow and limp said it was Doug and they exchanged surprised greetings as they entered the mess.

“What are you doing out so early?”

Sam laughed. “Was gonna ask you the same thing.”

“Had to piss again,” Doug grumbled, looking around. “And Peggy was up.”

“Over here.”

Peggy sounded annoyed, and Neil and Sam joined the couple hesitantly, not in the mood to hear people arguing.

Peggy already had a stack of plates and cups set out and she handed one each to them all. “Li’s got a small buffet set up inside the truck for the early risers. Go get something. Coffee’s on the stove.”

The trio followed orders without replying, aware of her bad vibes.

“What’s she upset about?” Neil asked lowly when he thought they were out of earshot.

“I didn’t go back to bed, I guess,” Doug rumbled. “Didn’t want her wandering alone.”

Neil understood that. He didn’t want Sam alone either.

Samantha wasn’t paying attention to the men or to the sweaty cook who greeted them happily. Her eyes were on the counter of pancakes that Li Sing was packaging for breakfasts for working people who wouldn’t be coming to the mess. “Can I?”

Li pouted. “You not wait four minutes?”

Sam grinned. “For fresh?”

Li bobbed his head. “You get ‘em hot and sweet.”

“I wait!” Sam groaned and took the stool in the corner, plate and cup still in hand. She loved watching people cook. She’d even enjoyed the shows on TV. That was how she’d found Kendle’s program. Her cooking gals had been replaced by survival challenge and Sam had been sucked in from episode one. She’d only stopped watching because of her lack of free time.

Neil took a small plate of the muffins and fruit cups that had been chilled, and then went outside, not wanting anything as heavy as Li’s pancakes. They went down light, but hit hard. It was perfect for a mother-to-be with too much acid in her guts.

Neil joined Doug at the table and noticed a small plastic device lying by the big man’s plate. It looked like a pen with a needle in the end and Neil winced when he realized what it was for. It would suck to have to poke yourself multiple times a day.

“You gonna do it?” Peggy asked, glaring at Doug.

Doug’s rolled his eyes, fork stopping. “Geez, woman! Let me eat!”

“You’re supposed to do it before you eat,” Peggy insisted, picking up the tester. “Here. Just get it over with.”

Doug’s big arm pushed it away, fork coming up. “Later!”

Already pissed, Peggy leaned down and jabbed the needle into his hand.


“Ow! What the hell!”


Peggy eyed the readout and tilted it toward Doug. “You’re okay. You can eat now.”

Doug cradled his hand, gaping at her. “You... You’re not… Ow!”

Neil quietly left the table. It was safer inside the truck.

Carved In Stone
Life After War: Book Eight
Preorder your copy today!

Preorder Book 8

Life After War Merchandise 
Hoodies and shirts. Limited time designs. Get the details here:

Audible link
The first 2 books in the LAW series are now available as audiobooks! If they do well, Audible may want to buy the rest of the series from me, so check it out!

That’s it for me until the next two books are ready. Love you, Eagles. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Waving excitedly,



Wanda Drews said...

Oh man, can't wait! Keep up the great work Angela & have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Unknown said...

I found the first book of The Bachelor Battles from a free daily book list and was hooked... read The Change and Changling Winds in 2 1/2 days... looking forward to the bloody conclusion... until it comes out I have the Life After War series to go thru to find out exactly how it all happened... I really enjoyed reading your books...

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