Thursday, July 28, 2016

I have a New Release!

HOP-17, a new human origins series by author Angela White

Where do humans come from? Does life have a creator? The origin of species, an age-old question of god vs. science, formed a program where mating pairs were wiped of their memories and dropped onto isolated worlds in an attempts to prove or disprove that god exists. Over eons, the failed experiments have been destroyed with asteroids before the planet’s population became aware of the space colony running the awful tests.
But HOP-17 is different. Set for removal during a time of great chaos among the Federation Council, earth will be the catalyst that reveals the true origins of mankind. The weight of countless worlds rests on the shoulders of one Federation Council heir, but she isn’t prepared for the sacrifices she’ll have to make during her space quest to expose the truth.
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From the Author
*For current Life After War fans: This is my new comic series. A comic fantasy, it delves into the great mystery of human origins. It is a bit different from my usual style, but the story is amazing. Please try it. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
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Also released in 2016:
Marc and Angie
I give you Marc and Angie, the backstory
Repeatedly torn apart, their forbidden friendship forged a bond that even twenty years and a nuclear war couldn’t break. I give you Marc and Angie, the backstory.
But be warned! This is not a romance. This does NOT have a happy ending. This is the upbringing, the striking childhood, of two Life After War characters before they were reunited to find their missing son after the final world war. They are Marc and Angie, and the year was 1989.

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Life After War: Book 8 – Carved in Stone
It’s their first attempt
Safe Haven is going to try making a permanent settlement in the mountains of Georgia and every soul in their camp is ready for the break. They have traveled for more than nine months, with few breaks. Now, they can finally quit living from trucks and try to rebuild what they’ve lost.
Bad things are coming. Safe Haven thinks they’ve endured the worst the apocalypse has to offer, but they’ve actually been lucky. That’s about to change and all the descendants on the planet can’t stop it. Magic is nearly powerless against the effects of a nuclear war and the entire camp must make a choice: Do we stand or do we run?
Book Eight: Carved in Stone.
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*Includes Dog scenes, updated Eagle teams, and more.

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