Thursday, May 5, 2016

Marc and Angie is Here! The Backstory is live!

Marc and Angie is live!

Here it is! I’m sorry it arrived so late, but I do have good news. I had estimated the count to be 350. You’ll be happy to know the final file is 610 pages! I hope you’ll think the wait was worth it.


Instant Download

For those who preordered, please check your email for the download link. Don’t forget to look in your spam folder. It was sent on: 4/30-5/1.

If you did not receive a download email, please contact me at:

For the readers who prefer to get this book from the stores, just follow the links below!
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If you've finished Marc and Angie, can you please click one of the links above and post a short review? THANK YOU!

Have you grabbed a T-Shirt yet?
Marc and Angie Backstory T-Shirt. Has the book cover on front, with the text: Life After War, on the back above a skull. This is a one time design. By purchasing a shirt, you are supporting an author. Very nice! Thank you for helping to ensure that my voice will keep being heard. This is the first shirt in a collectable series that will be available with each of my new releases. Whenever I put out a book, you can get the matching T-shirt! Isn't that cool?

So, what’s next, and when, right?
Well, I’ll tell you. I have an aggressive release schedule planned for this year. With the Marc and Angie backstory, I have already published 1400 pages since January. Sweet, huh? I hope to add at least three more releases by December. I won’t tell you which book is next, but I will promise that you’ll get the final story in the Bachelor battles in 2016. You can preorder it right here!

Have a wonderful week, world, and keep reading!


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