Thursday, February 11, 2016

A New Book!

Official Release Date: 3/7/2016
Pages: 358
Preorder Price: $3.99
Release Price: $4.99

Marc and Angie
A life After War Backstory

Raised in the same loveless family, Marc and Angie exist on stolen moments that sometimes come years apart. Forbidden by more than just their ages, they are forced to pretend a cool indifference during the day while longing desperately for the future to set them free.

Marc: “My life began the moment our eyes met. Instantly lost in her stunning blue depths, I drowned and was reborn. As what? Hers. I went against everything to have her. There wasn’t a time when I wouldn’t have come if called. My Angie.”

Angie: “He was my light in hell, a shield against the hate and the roaming hands, and the pain. He gave me hope and he loved me. How could I not feel the same? Even when he was gone and I was on the run, the bond was there. It only grew stronger when our son was born. My Brady. Without him, there were no seasons, no sun. When he was gone, I stopped feeling. Anything.”

At 12, Marc Brady was only four years from freedom. Four summers of labor, followed by four winters of isolation, and then he would leave his strict home and join the family business. Four years left to endure in a loveless home where his very identity had been erased. Almost free…

At 8, Angie was a decade from freedom. Ten more years of abuse and neglect. Another decade of being alone in a family that must never discover how different she really is. What a hard, cold future waited for her…

Repeatedly torn apart, their forbidden friendship forged a bond that even twenty years couldn’t break. I give you Marc and Angie, the backstory.
But be warned.
This is NOT a romance. I’m telling you now that it doesn’t have a happy ending, so please don’t expect one. This is the upbringing, the striking childhood, of two Life After War characters before they were reunited to find their missing son. They are Marc and Angie, and the year was 1989.

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