Sunday, June 14, 2015

Preorder Book 8 Now! Carved In Stone

It’s their first attempt

Safe Haven is going to try making a permanent settlement in the mountains of Georgia and every soul there is ready for the break. They’ve traveled for more than nine months, with few stops. Now, they can finally quit living from trucks and try to rebuild what they’ve lost.


Bad things are coming. Safe Haven thinks they’ve endured the worst the apocalypse has to offer, but they’ve actually been lucky. That’s about to change and all the descendants on the planet can’t stop it. Magic is nearly powerless against the effects of a nuclear war and the entire camp must make a choice: Do we stand or do we run?

Book Eight: Carved in Stone.

Preorder your copy today! *Includes Dog scenes, updated Eagle teams, and more.

700+ pages
Release: Here-September 20th, 2015
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Available in PDF and EPUB formats.

Preorder Book 8

This file is in the preorder stage. If you grab the copy early, you will be among the first people to receive this when it goes live. Even the big retailors come second to personal customers. Places like Amazon and iTunes will get this file weeks or even months after it is ready, due to requirements and timed promotions. You will have it the same day the author approves it! This book will be $5.99 when it is released to the public. The preorder price is $4.99.

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