Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Book 7 links and other updates!

Over the last few months, I have been going over the first books and fixing issues, by using the ugliest reviews that I could find. …it wasn’t fun, you know? But, it was necessary. I found an incredible number of errors. So did my proofreaders, Lee and Jori. Together, we made over 50,000 corrections. It’s the same story, but it shines now and I’d love everyone to have the sooo much better copy. On Friday, the new file will be live on Amazon (all stores) and on Smashwords. A week or so after that, it will be on Kobo, B&N, and iTunes. Sorry for the delay, but none of the retailers do things on the same schedule. If they did, they wouldn’t be competitors, they’d be partners, I guess.
As I went over the first three books (working on Adrian’s Eagles now, between writing sessions), I realized my covers could be better, so I also redid those. Here they are:


What do you think? I like them a lot more than the others, though, I adored them at the time. These just look more…professional, maybe? Like the new file. I can’t stress enough how much better this new copy is. For example: repeat word usage was conquered. You will no longer find 700 ‘eyes’ in 800 pages and you won’t find as many of the tense problems. I am still working on conquering that one. I also fixed technical issues, word misusage, and gave more details on all the confusing areas that people were complaining about. I’m proud of this copy. I spent a lot of time on it since finishing book 7.

That brings us to book 7!
It’s here on this blog in pdf and epub formats, and also on all the major retailers, and…in paperback! Name a format, there’s a link below for it.
The Price We Pay
Btw, have you put up a review on book 7 yet? Please use the links above and let me know how you feel about it! I haven’t gotten much feedback yet and I’m still worried that I didn’t do a good enough job.

Alexa’s Travels: The Killin’ Fields!
It’s here on this blog in pdf and epub formats, and on all the major retailers. There are links below for it. The paperback copy won’t be out just yet.
This book could also use a few more reviews if you’ve got the time, and thank you! Reviews make a lot of difference.

Would you like a Life After War shirt?
I have several teespring campaigns going, with character quotes, like:

“I only sniffed her, once!”
Bet you can remember who that was. The links are below. And sorry for the price, but there is a bare minimum I have to stay above by teespring rules and it increases as I add the basic art and text.



There will be a dozen more shirts over the next few months, so keep an eye out for your favorite character, or better yet, collect them all!
Wow, did I swallow a salesman there for a minute? Snicker. Back to business:

Audio Books!
We have just entered the production phase, where I’ve chosen a narrator. It is female and that’s about all I can say at the moment. Except, so far, working with the people from Audible has been great. Did you know that Audible produced a Grammy winning book that won for best word drama? I didn’t either. It was great to discover that. Makes me more confident about agreeing to the contract. Being independent sometimes means guessing on things and hoping for the best. Scary.

I’ve been told it will take roughly 3 months for each book to be finished, so I imagine we’ll be enjoying the first one sometime in August. I’ll keep you posted about the others after The Survivors and On The Road go up. It will depend on the sales for these two. If they’re good, Audible will want the other books in this series! Keep your fingers crossed for me, okay?

Thank you!
Everyone who put up a review! Jeremy, for finding me a reasonable formatter. Erin, for being a reasonable formatter. Lee and Jori, for tireless proofing. Harold, for helping a friend. Suzie, for repeatedly rescheduling on a moment’s notice without anger. Enjoy those chicks! Joshua, for the greatest gift any reader has ever sent me. Jan and Jeanne, for caring about me personally. Pam and Sean, for missing the group as much as I do. Everyone else who reaches out to me and offers their support, and to all those who buy my work. I only exist because you believe.

Happy Easter, world. I love you.





Jennifer Sierra said...

Maybe I read all the other books too fast? I don't recall anything that stood out that I would try to correct. I think maybe I was just so into the stories I didn't notice. All I know is every time I finished one book I couldn't wait for the next one. I was like a book crackhead :) I'm reading number 7 right now and LOVING it!

j said...

OMG, I've been reading your books since the very first edition of the first book, and *I* get a shout out on your blog? I am so honored! I can't wait to get the new versions of books 1-3! These books are my comfort zone-no matter where I am or how bad it is, Angela & Co. are there to tell me a story. Thanks for being such a wonderful writer!

tanda said...

Finished with book 7 a few weeks ago, and am re reading the series again...love them! they suck you in, and you really start to care about the characters and what happens to them. Keep up the great work!

Raushanna said...

I'm fine with your books, more than fine. I absorb them in a binge reading session when each new one comes out, then re-read at least twice more. Love what you are doing with this series!!

Cody Griffin said...

I just found your series 2 weeks ago, and have flown through all 7 already. I am eagerly awaiting book 8, and would happily volunteer to assist with editing the epub version for Google Play when the time is right. Thank you for an amazing story.