Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It’s Here!-Alexa’s Travels # 2- Now Available!-The Killin’ Fields!

Happy December, world!
I know this isn’t the book that most of you were hoping to see on here. All I can say is about half way through book 7, this story revealed itself and I had no choice but to put the flow on paper. Now that this one is finished, I will dive in on the rest of LAW #7 after Christmas break. Again, I’m sorry you’re still waiting and if you need a refund, just email me at or use the Paypal refund/cancel order buttons. No hard feelings.

Some of you have been trying to contact me, and getting worried, but as you can see, I’ve just been very busy. My health hasn’t been the best and I had to get my priorities together. I have now reopened my facebook account, but it will only be used for book related announcements. I will NOT be spending time there, on angry birds friends, or any of the other online sites. That doesn’t mean I don’t care about my fans, but with a rocky personal life, children, a crazy career, and deteriorating health, I have to keep building a future my while I can. I will try to arrange some signings and chat parties so that we can still occasionally hang out.

Does that mean I’m not putting the eagles groups together? Sadly, I’m not able to just yet., not even the Beta group Maybe once I finish the Bachelor Battles series and get LAW nearly done, I’d have the time and energy to devote to it. I’m sorry, but you can’t imagine what doing all this alone has done to me.

On the plus side, The Killin’ Fields is here and ready for your reading pleasure right now! It will go up on retailers after it comes back from the editor, sometime in the spring. I have files already in to them now and that’s the soonest they can have it done. Why not enjoy a PDF while you wait? Instant download!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

The Killin’ Fields
480 pages
PDF only-Instant download!

PDF Only

The Killin’ Fields of Nebraska have become legend in the four years since nuclear war destroyed the land. Only those who have no other options cross the endless state of corn and brave its monsters. When Alexa and her fighters reach these cursed grounds, a battle for survival begins that leaves one of their group forever changed.

Haunted and exhausted, the quest is threatened by old behaviors and surprise reactions that force the men to accept that they might not be able to complete it at all. And that’s before they realize the other travelers may be more dangerous than what lurks in the darkness or that Paul isn’t the only weak link they have along for the ride.

“Our life’s work has just begun and already I feel so old! I thank fate endlessly for my men. They keep me fighting as much as the memories do. I will find my father and Safe Haven, and along the way, I will earn the right to live there.”

The Killin’ Fields
480 pages
PDF only-Instant download!

PDF Only


j said...

We have missed you! Sending good karma your your life how YOU need to live it. So good to hear from you and YEAH for the new book!

ralphb72 said...

Thank you this is great timing, I'll have something to read on Christmas Break! I'll have to go back and read the first one so I remember what happened first.

Make the best of it that you can this Christmas, Angela. Things will have to get better for you soon. We are all suffering physical aliments as we age, (I just turned 50) but it sounds like it is hitting you hard. Good thoughts, feelings and prayers going out for you.

Take care of yourself literally, I hope you can take a break and have a good holiday season!

... Ralph